Will Soaking in a Hot Tub Relax Me?

It’s becoming more and more clear that hydrotherapy (warm water immersion and massage) -- particularly when experienced regularly in a portable spa -- is an ideal way to relax the mind. “Frankly, for a true stress-relieving experience, the key is having a good variety of different pulsating jets in your spa to meet the needs of [...]

Saunas from Best Hot Tubs: A Natural Choice

For years, Best Hot Tubs has been providing our customers with top-of-the-line portable spas for home enjoyment and idyllic relaxation.  And we’ve learned a few things along the way. For example, while some people want all the hydrotherapy benefits of immersion in a spa’s warm bubbling water  — others want the benefits, but don’t like [...]

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Hot Tubbing: Family Activities That Help Keep Us Sane

During the pandemic, families are becoming very creative in finding ways to keep sane. One activity in particular — even before COVID — is family time in the hot tub. Everyone together in family hot tub   Family time in your spa doesn’t necessarily mean everyone all at once.   For parents on [...]

Our Year End Blowout Sale Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

‼️ Great news. We not only have hot tubs in stock, in spa sizes that range from 3 to 7 people including some with loungers ... but we can deliver it to your home with 7 days! And more good news. You can order our Strong Spas from us over the phone! Want even more? [...]

Hot Tubs and the “Wellness Factor”

Hot tubs can be a great opportunity for social activities. But just as frequently, portable spas are coveted for their “wellness factor.” Recent scientific studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute and others are showing that there are remarkable health benefits associated with warm water hydrotherapy in hot tubs.  Whether the need is [...]

Hot Tubs: A Cure For End-of-Winter-Blues

Many are still praying that our kids will soon be back in school, full-time. COVID ins’t over and it’s been a long snowy winter. But the days are getting longer, which is cheery. And we’re all ready to get outdoors and cure those end-of-winter blues — even though spring has not yet sprung. So. Can [...]

Should I Get a Portable Hot Tub for Our Family?

If you’ve been wondering if a portable hot tub is right for you, and if you would use it if you had one, we have some thoughts on how you might answer that.   Bullfrog Spas: The Perfect Portable Hot Tub Experience “Immersion in one of our Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak seats, letting the [...]

One Very Common Hot Tub Buying Mistake: Poor Massage Jets

Pinterest Post Perhaps you’ve seen a few of the 1000+ posts on Pinterest related to the benefits of massage...like:            “Monday: Nothing a massage can’t fix,             “Yessss…It’s time for my massage,” or             "UGH...I need a massage." Now [...]

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How Hard Is It to Take Care of a Hot Tub?

Although eager for the many benefits of a portable spa — hydrotherapy, family togetherness, stress-reduction, low-impact exercising, etc. — new visitors to Best Hot Tubs' showrooms are often concerned that a hot tub will be difficult to maintain.   Photo: Bullfrog Spas However, once they visit our showrooms, visitors quickly see close up that it’s [...]

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Have You Been Considering a Portable Hot Tub?

Have you been wondering if a portable hot tub is right for you, and would you use it if you had it? We suspect that once you’ve immersed yourself into a Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak seat and let the pulsating warm water massage your back, neck, legs, feet, that there would be any question at all if [...]

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