Are You Adding a Hot Tub With That New Custom Deck or Patio?

It doesn’t matter if the patio or deck you’re planning is an upgrade or you’re starting from scratch, this is the perfect time to add that portable hot tub you've been thinking about. Here’s why: Designing Your Deck or Patio By adding your hot tub during the deck/patio design stage, the finished project will appear [...]

Catchin’ Rays + H2O + ? = Fun Summertime Bash

Don’t know much about algebra? That’s just fine. Because the only equation we’re working with today is: What do you add together for a fun summertime bash?   Let’s start with the H2O “According to major hot tub industry studies, socially motivated buyers make up a large percentage of hot tub purchasers. People are drawn [...]

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Bullfrog Spas’ “R” Series Hot Tubs are Smack in the Middle of Perfection

In recent weeks, our blogs have been devoted to different Bullfrog Spas models, namely the A and the X series — or the A’s top-of-the-line in comfort/size, and Bullfrog’s most cost-friendly X models. This week, we complete the series with a focus on Bullfrog’s R series, which, we like to say, is smack in the [...]

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