Summer Discounts: Get That Family Hot Tub Today!

With summer discount pricing available at Best Hot Tubs on quality spas that can seat 8 (or even 9) adults, this is a great time to choose — and use — a spa perfect for you.   Summer Fun To Kids, Summer Means Splashing Water July 4th falls on a Monday this year, [...]

Family Fun: Enjoying Your Hot Tub In Summer

It’s true, hot tubs as a rule operate at high temperatures. It’s also true that in summer most people are not looking to immerse themselves in something else hot and steamy when it’s already that way just being outdoors. That said, there’s some surprising news for those of you thinking about getting a hot tub. [...]

Hot Tub Lovers: Time to Spring Into Action

  ‘Spring Ahead’ this weekend     This weekend, the clocks spring ahead an hour for daylight savings. And while we may lose an hour of sleep, the upside is: Spring is around the corner.       So? How does a hot tubber get ready for spring? By giving your spa a [...]

Fall In Love Again This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day Begins at Best Hot Tubs   Find out how easy it is to fall in love again when you have a hot tub — an amenity that relieves pain, reduces stress, and brings your family closer together, including you and your partner. Whether you own a hot tub, are about [...]

Rev Up the Hot Tub! Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

The big man himself is coming to town very soon. So rev up the family hot tub and let him ease his tired muscles and bones. Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest   However! It’s not just the big man who’d love to relax in your hot tub over the holidays. We’ve seen Mensch On [...]

DIY-ers! Maintain Your Hot Tub With Help from Our Online Store

Best Hot Tubs commitment to provide our clients, friends and neighbors goes further than selling and installing the perfect hot tub. We offer year-round hot tub service (including snow shoveling to your spa!) but also provide the DIY-er with all they need to maintain their hot tub themselves. Whether you’re an occasional or regular DIY-er, [...]

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Is My Spa Ready for the Colder Months?

When the weather gets cold, you want to be sure your hot tub is in great shape for this season. Why? Well, during the winter is when many of you most often use your spa.  Things that need doing to get your spa ready:   Interior of Strong Spa Filling hot tub [...]

When the Cold Arrives, Hot Tub Service Warms You Up

Snow may not be in the forecast, but we all know it’s not too far off. It’s a good reminder to sign on to weekly hot tub service for your spa. Staying Warm Even in Winter   Hot Tub service is ideal for busy hot tub owners. It’s a comfort to have experts [...]

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Tips for Spooky Spa Halloween Fun at Home

If you don’t want to take the kids door-to-door this Halloween, how about some spooky fun at home instead. And if you’ve got a hot tub, you’ve already got the perfect center for all the ghoulish action. So. Get ready! Get Set! And let’s B00-gie this Spa Halloween.   Witches Cauldron Hot Tub   [...]

Peaceful Home Begins with Peaceful Body and Peaceful Mind

Now is a good time to make ease and comfort part of your everyday routine.   Relaxation Aids Sleep     As fall weather approaches, the days are getting shorter and the air cooler. And somewhere in the back of our minds is the the thought that the busy holidays are not far [...]

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