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Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest; Santa in Bullfrog Spa; Kwanzaa Art

Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest; Santa in Bullfrog Spa; Kwanzaa Art

Whether you’re getting ready for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, the season devoted to family, friends — and giving — is upon us. 


Relieving stress during holidays

Relieving stress during holidays

That’s one reason everyone appreciates a hot tub during the holidays. It provides a way to remain relaxed.

So, first, once the spa arrives, be sure to take time for yourself daily to relax. Have a quiet soak before your day begins, or after a long day of working, followed by shopping and cooking.

Clients of Best Hot Tubs, Timothy and Brian of South Baldwin, NY, for example, use their hot tub all year but like so many other clients, they find their hot tub is a great way to entertain during the holidays.

The couple purchased their Bullfrog Spas’ A8L model from Best Hot Tubs, along with an automated “Covana” gazebo cover a little while back. Here’s a terrific video the couple took of their spa cover opening up on a snowy day. Wow!


Here’s a terrific video the couple took of their spa cover opening up on a snowy day. Wow!



Hot Tub Entertaining Isn’t Just for Friends and Family

Timothy and Brian, So. Baldwin, NY

Timothy and Brian, So. Baldwin, NY



Timothy says he also entertains business contacts. “I started doing real estate recently as a side job. And I invite my better clients over to spend time in the hot tub — as a way to seal the deal.

One client recently was achy, sore, and stressed from moving and selling her home. I knew the hot tub would help the client out, and it helped me forge a good business relationship.”




Chocolate Rugelach (Photo: Yair rand)

Chocolate Rugelach (Photo: Yair rand)


Whether it’s reindeer sugar cookies, rugalach (pictured here), or Kawanzaa sweet potato bars on your holiday plates, it’ll be fun to share them with those soaking in your hot tub.

As our So. Baldwin clients discovered, your hot tub is a great way to entertain for the holidays or any time. To help with that, here’s some tips from our own blog archives:




1. Make sure your water is clean and clear. Give your water a quick shock the night before and then just before the party starts. Then add some spa scents.

2. Have plenty of water and other beverages for everyone to drink. Seems strange, but it is easy to become dehydrated in the hot tub. Keep a wide variety so everyone keeps drinking liquids.

3. Don’t ever use glass around the hot tub. Use plastic water and soda bottles, safe plastic tumblers, or even the classic red Dixie cups work great! For hot chocolate and other hot drinks, choose cups that will withstand the heat and not burn the hands.

4. Make sure your spa has the LED hot tub lights. These multi-color lights set the mood and are entertaining. If you don’t have LED lights on your tub, get an inexpensive floating LED light show for about $25. It will be worth it!

5. The best thing about your spa  is the massage jets. You know this, but at your party its time to show them off.

6. Clean the area around the hot tub so people don’t track dirt and/or snowy ice into the spa. Your guests will probably not be as particular as you are, and if the area isn’t clean, they will bring the dirt on their feet into the hot tub.

7.  In the colder months, have fluffy robes for your friends (or ask them to bring them) as they may want something to keep them warm going to and from the hot tub.


By artist, Richard Codor.

By artist, Richard Codor.



Note: The delightful feature artwork at the top of today’s blog page is used with permission by the artist, Richard Codor. More of his work can be seen at www.joyoushaggadah.net.



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