Labor Day Event: Save Up to $1,000 at Best Hot Tubs

Family Time Outs You’ve been working hard! And with Back to School looming, your kids are about to be working hard as well. Frankly, the whole family deserves to relax in a soothing hot tub. So the timing of Best Hot Tubs' Labor Day Savings Event on Bullfrog Spas couldn’t be better. [...]

Bullfrog Spas’ Hydrotherapy: Tell Us Where It Hurts

True. Many want a spa for the social activities it offers. But today’s hot tubs/spas are not just for fun. Just as frequently, hot tubs are coveted for their “wellness factor.”  Whether the need is to reduce stress, improve muscle health, aid fitness, sleep, or weight loss, the positive effects of spa hot water [...]

Hot Tub Allure: Getting Teens to Spend Time at Home

Teens Love Hot Tubs Okay, at Best Hot Tubs, we think everything outdoors is better with a spa. But beyond our passion for the home hot tub, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that a spa does encourage more family time. But teens, you say? Getting them to stay around home takes [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Summertime Hot Tub Maintenance

July 4th kicks off endless summer nights spent in your spa. So it’s wise to proactively prepare for it. Proper hot tub maintenance is the first step to your summer R&R, and the following hot tub maintenance tips will leave you with a healthy spa and some happy summer soaks.  Prepare Your Tub for [...]

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July 4th 2019: Best Hot Tubs Salutes American Craftsmanship

With July 4th only a week away, many will be raising, hoisting, planting and waiving Old Glory in honor of Independence Day. This holiday can't help but remind us all of the many things we love about this country.  Bullfrog Spas A7, E. Hampton, NY “We thought about this recently when [...]

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Transform Your Backyard Into an Affordable, ‘Endless Summer’ Oasis

We spend many months here in the northeast, cold, cranky, waiting for winter to end. Now that summer is finally upon us, it’s time to act on our dreams and transform our backyard into an endless summer oasis.  One transformation, in particular, doesn’t require digging up your yard to create a water-centered haven. You [...]

A Hot Tub Story from Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

On the eastern bank of the Hudson River, in a bucolic neighborhood of New York’s Town of Greenburgh, lies a charming village, Hastings-On-Hudson. This village is bordered to its east by the Saw Mill River. You might say that the people who live there know a thing or two about the joys of water.  [...]

Should I Stop Repairing My Old Hot Tub? 

When homeowners purchase an older home, they learn one thing very quickly. Some repairs are just no longer cost-effective. Whether it’s the always-breaking-down air conditioner unit, or the old dishwasher or washer-dryer, etc. After spending bundles on repairs, it’s just no longer worth it. It’s time for a new replacement. When these owners in [...]

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Vacation Rentals with Hot Tubs: Getting Ready in Westhampton, NY

Soon New York’s famous ‘Hamptons’ and other Long Island playgrounds will be open to vacationers. Beachfront homes and local businesses are hectically getting ready for the onslaught of summer visitors. One Westhampton couple recently purchased a home they will operate as a rental until they retire. The home can accommodate about 20 visitors, boasts [...]