Hot Tubs Are a Great Place to Catch Up

Your portable spa is a great place for conversations. Whether you regularly catch up with friends or family or prefer the occasional get-together, immersion in a hot tub is ideal.  For example, time spent in a spa offers a nice block of time to be away from telephone calls, texts, and sets a time for [...]

Are a Permit and an Electrician Necessary to Install a Hot Tub?

Permits The easiest way to be certain if you will need a permit to add a hot tub on your property is to contact your local building department. Long Island, NY, alone, for example, has over 130 different towns and villages, many of which write their own codes. So there are probably places that require [...]

Have You Prepared Your Hot Tub For Summer?

To enjoy your hot tub throughout the summer, we have some maintenance tops that will ensure a healthy spa for your happy summer soaks. You can, of course, contact our Best Hot Tubs technicians and they will regularly check/maintain your spa, keep records of work done, and perform any or all of the following tasks [...]

Summer Discounts: Get That Family Hot Tub Today!

With summer discount pricing available at Best Hot Tubs on quality spas that can seat 8 (or even 9) adults, this is a great time to choose — and use — a spa perfect for you.   Summer Fun To Kids, Summer Means Splashing Water July 4th falls on a Monday this year, [...]

Family Fun: Enjoying Your Hot Tub In Summer

It’s true, hot tubs as a rule operate at high temperatures. It’s also true that in summer most people are not looking to immerse themselves in something else hot and steamy when it’s already that way just being outdoors. That said, there’s some surprising news for those of you thinking about getting a hot tub. [...]

Online Hot Tub Store: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a last-minute gift for your hot tub-loving Dad? Best Hot Tubs online store and services can help. One gift that requires no shipping is to gift Dad a service contract for regular maintenance of the spa. As our Farmingdale, NY, store manager Keith McPartland says:    “Proper spa care is actually not all [...]

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Hot Tub Stores: Best Place to Purchase Your Spa

Those at Aqua Magazine, experts in spas and pools, say that one important aspect of having a hot tub store to visit is the ability to speak personally with experts about how to achieve and keep clean spa water.  Why is that so important, you might wonder. If you’ve not owned a hot tub [...]

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Memorial Day Sale: Still Time to Save On Quality Spas

Best Hot Tubs Memorial Day discounts on our three quality product lines — Strong Spas, Aspen Spas, and Bullfrog Spas (Windham only) — are rapidly coming to a close.   USA Built Hot Tubs With plenty of made-in-the-USA spas in stock, in a variety of sizes and upgrades, we are ready and able [...]

Memorial Day Hot Tub Discounts: There’s Lots to Celebrate

Throughout COVID, the business of buying/selling hot tubs has been a challenge. From hot tub shortages, to rising costs, to delayed and sometimes cancelled orders, we’ve all had to adjust and find a way through.  But as Memorial Day approaches, there’s lots to celebrate. Supply chains for hot tubs are working again, costs are coming [...]

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Saunas from Best Hot Tubs: A Natural Choice

For years, Best Hot Tubs has been providing our customers with top-of-the-line portable spas for home enjoyment and idyllic relaxation.  And we’ve learned a few things along the way. For example, while some people want all the hydrotherapy benefits of immersion in a spa’s warm bubbling water  — others want the benefits, but don’t like [...]

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