Holiday Gifts: A Hot Tub Is for Everyone!

Take Advantage of our Winter Sale! See our website ( for details.   Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest; Santa in Bullfrog Spa; Kwanzaa Art Whether you’re getting ready for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, the season devoted to family, friends — and giving — is upon us.    Relieving stress during holidays That's [...]

Get Fit in Your Above Ground Hot Tub

Many people only view hot tubs as a place to sit down and relax. While this is a great use of a hot tub, above ground spas can also make for excellent exercise environments. “According to a recent study, just chatting away in a hot tub can provide some of the same benefits as doing [...]

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Can I Rent a Hot Tub Just for Labor Day Weekend?

Not sure if you and the family are ready to commit to owning a hot tub — even if there are good sales available? But you'd like to test the water so to speak over the upcoming long weekend? As the final major weekend of the summer’s outdoor living season, renting a hot tub is [...]

Memorial Day Sale: Still Time to Save On Quality Spas

Best Hot Tubs Memorial Day discounts on our three quality product lines — Strong Spas, Aspen Spas, and Bullfrog Spas (Windham only) — are rapidly coming to a close.   USA Built Hot Tubs With plenty of made-in-the-USA spas in stock, in a variety of sizes and upgrades, we are ready and able [...]

Tips for Enjoying the Super Bowl This Sunday

Super Bowl LVI     Whether you’ll have a crowd or it’s just the family, Super Bowl Sunday is always a big deal. And for those who have a hot tub, their spa has been the center of many special home events. Game Day is no exception.     Here’s some tips for [...]

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Hot Tubbing: Family Activities That Help Keep Us Sane

During the pandemic, families are becoming very creative in finding ways to keep sane. One activity in particular — even before COVID — is family time in the hot tub. Everyone together in family hot tub   Family time in your spa doesn’t necessarily mean everyone all at once.   For parents on [...]

Rev Up the Hot Tub! Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

The big man himself is coming to town very soon. So rev up the family hot tub and let him ease his tired muscles and bones. Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest   However! It’s not just the big man who’d love to relax in your hot tub over the holidays. We’ve seen Mensch On [...]

Tips for Spooky Spa Halloween Fun at Home

If you don’t want to take the kids door-to-door this Halloween, how about some spooky fun at home instead. And if you’ve got a hot tub, you’ve already got the perfect center for all the ghoulish action. So. Get ready! Get Set! And let’s B00-gie this Spa Halloween.   Witches Cauldron Hot Tub   [...]

Peaceful Home Begins with Peaceful Body and Peaceful Mind

Now is a good time to make ease and comfort part of your everyday routine.   Relaxation Aids Sleep     As fall weather approaches, the days are getting shorter and the air cooler. And somewhere in the back of our minds is the the thought that the busy holidays are not far [...]

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No More End-of-Summer Blues with a Hot Tub

Unlike a pool, when you own a hot tub, there is no time of year when you have to close a spa down. So no need for any end-of-summer blues. Most of our clients, except the snowbirds who head south for the winter, operate their hot tubs 12 months a year, 24-7.    Pools [...]

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