Super Bowl LVI



Whether you’ll have a crowd or it’s just the family, Super Bowl Sunday is always a big deal. And for those who have a hot tub, their spa has been the center of many special home events. Game Day is no exception.



Here’s some tips for a fun hot tub-Super Bowl Event: 



Best Hot Tubs’ Rental Spa and Fire Table

Best Hot Tubs’ Rental Spa and Fire Table


1.  Warm Things Up! While the Northeast will probably not be suffering another freezing “Bomb Cyclone,” it will no doubt be chilly come Super Bowl Sunday. We recommend if you have a fire pit, turn it on for warmth and ambience. If you don’t, they’re easy to install and readily available.



2.   Pre-game dunk! According to your home’s pandemic rules, you can invite select friends and family over for a soak before the game (remember the game starts at 6:30/NBC.) 

Set your spa’s water temperature to 100 degrees. This might seem too cool, but the slightly lower temperature makes it easier to jump right in. That’s what you want with guests, so people get in and out quickly. If you’re using one of our rentals, ask our staff how to set the best temperature.


Game Including Halftime will be at Sofi Stadium


3.  The “big soak!” Plan to allow everyone a chance to warm up in the hot tub during halftime. No one wants to miss out on Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige or Kendrick Lamar performing together.  

Our best “guestimate” is halftime should start around 8 PM. It usually lasts about 30 minutes. Because of the number of big names performing, it could be easier than you think getting everyone in and out.


4. Prepare Your Own Game Plan! To allow everyone a chance to have a soak, make a schedule. Include seating areas near the hot tub with clean towels etc. to help make it all work. 

And ahead of game day, send an announcement that includes a reminder to bring bathing suits. If you can get them to RSVP that will help in making the schedule.


Game Day is Also Wings Day!

Game Day is Also Wings Day!



5.  Don’t Forget the Wings!  Com’on, you have to have some wings. Pinterest is full of recipes.







Don’t believe us about Wings? Don’t let Cam Jordan hear you say that.



Now to wrap up…

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Go Rams! Go Bengals!