Sauna Benefits


Sweating in a sauna causes your blood to flow to the important organs in your body, while sweating out toxins and impurities. Some toxins that should be removed through sauna sessions are heavy metals, nicotine, and certain industrial compounds (like phthalates).

Improving the Immune System

As you sit in a sauna, your core temperature increases, and your body produces white blood cells to compensate the “mini fever”. With regular use, your white blood cell count can increase, meaning your body can fight illnesses faster.

Muscle Recovery

The increased heat of a sauna increases the body’s circulation, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and cells in your body. The increased oxygen can help relieve tired and strained muscles.

Stress Relief

Use of a sauna reduces the body’s level of cortisol (the primary stress hormone). Regular use can relieve anxiety problems and sleep related issues, such as insomnia, which is often triggered by elevated levels of stress hormones.

Pain Relief

Not only does regular use of a sauna increase blood circulation, which can relieve and relax muscular pain, it has been proven effective at relieving joint and arthritic pain as well.

Improves Circulation

The heat absorbed by your body increases your blood flow and expands the blood vessels. This lowers your blood pressure and blood can circulate to your heart more effectively.

Cardio Conditioning

Regular use of a sauna can increase your heat tolerance threshold which can benefit your cardiovascular strength and endurance, as well as strengthening your blood vessels resistance to shear stress.

Lose Weight

Dr. Oz mentioned in just one sauna session you can burn 600 calories due to the increased heat inside your body. Raising internal body temperature can increase your metabolism, which can lead to weight loss, although saunas should not be used exclusively for this purpose.

Our Luxurious Sauna Models

Barrel Sauna

The barrel saunas have a couple of distinct advantages: as they are fully round, there is less interior space to heat up. This shortens the time it takes to fully heat the sauna. Barrel saunas have many option choices. If you’d like to customize it, your full options are the barrel wood type, diameter and length, heater, changeroom & porch, extra roof, cove, interior upgrade (benches/floor), windows in front/middle/back, and your choice of accessories.

Panoramic Sauna

The Panoramic Barrel sauna is one of the most premium choices of our saunas. They are a variation/upgrade on the barrel sauna. Instead of a wooden back wall, the whole “wall” is a window. This combines the benefits of the barrel sauna with allowing for views like the Luna. For the choices, you have the sauna room diameter/length, porch/changeroom, extra roof, overhang, interior upgrades, windows in front/middle, and your choice of accessories.

Luna Sauna

The Luna has a square shape and rounded corners for a more modern look. One of the main features of Luna are the very large front windows, making this a great choice in places with a view. The Luna room size options are 8×6, 8×7 and 8×8 feet. The full customization options for Luna sauna are sauna room size, wall wood type, heater, porch, benches, and your choice of accessories.

Pod Sauna

The Pod sauna has a beatiful raindrop shape, combining looks with functionality (plenty of headspace and a 2-tier bench option). These saunas come 8′ wide, with lengths of 6, 7 and 8 feet. We also have available the Mini Pod sauna, a smaller square shape of 7×7 feet and a bit less choice. With the full-size Pod saunas, you can customize almost everything.

Outdoor Cabin Sauna

The Cabin saunas get you a great looking simple sauna for a relatively affordable price. These cabins come in indoor and outdoor versions. The outdoor saunas have 7 sizes to choose from, with the 3 largest ones having the option of wood-burning heater. Both the indoor and outdoor cabin saunas fit 1-6 people. Smallest saunas come with 1-tier benches, while the medium and large sizes have the choice of 2-tier benches.

Eagle’s Nest Sauna

If you like the idea of a cabin sauna but would like something just a bit more adventurous with the looks, the Eagle’s Nest sauna is for you. It comes with more options than the normal cabin sauna, as you can add the changeroom and porch. You can choose the wood type to be knotty or clear cedar, allowing for more price savings. The heater can be electric or wood-burning, and with electric heaters you can get an extra window on the back wall.

Indoor Cabin Sauna

The Indoor Cabin saunas get you a great looking simple sauna for a relatively affordable price. If you only need a sauna for inside you home, you can save some money as you don’t need the weather-proof roof. The indoor saunas have 8 sizes to choose from, and they all come with electric heaters. The indoor cabin saunas fit 1-6 people. Smallest saunas come with 1-tier benches, while the medium and large sizes have the choice of 2-tier benches.

Kota Sauna

The Kota sauna has a very distinct shape that allows the people inside the sauna to face each other. The size options are two different sizes, 8′ for 5 people, and 10′ for up 8 people. The roof comes either as knotty cedar bevel or cedar shingles. Many of the other options are also available.