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Best Hot Tubs also offers full service for anything your spa may need. You can do as much– or as little– maintenance yourself as you feel comfortable. You can always rest assured that a team of highly experienced individuals is ready to take on any of the maintenance your spa may require. All you have to do is enjoy it. We offer a full list of services, including:

  • Backyard Consultation

Sure you want a spa, but not sure where or how? Leave that up to us. Long Island Hot Tub will send a highly experienced consultant to your home to help you with any of the tough decisions, such as choosing the size and model of your spa, where in your yard it should be located, what type of spa surrounds you should include, and providing an estimate. To set up a consultation, phone us at 631-465-0175 or click here to use our convenient contact form.

  • Installation

The first step in enjoying you new Bullfrog Spa is installing it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. From the shipping through the entire installation process, Long Island Hot Tub will take care of everything.

  • Full Spa Maintenance

Just think of it as a check-up for your spa. We can inspect the plumbing, heating, pumps, and electrical components, and make sure your spa is running at top form. Because the spa water must be at least 80° F for the chemicals to be properly adjusted, full spa maintenance cannot occur at the same time as draining and refilling.

  • Opening/Closing

This service includes checking and maintaining the chemical balance, brushing and cleaning the waterline and steps, vacuuming the spa, cleaning the chlorine generator, inspecting all of the equipment, backwashing the filter, emptying the pump and skimmer baskets, and examining and adjusting the auto-cleaning system.

Bullfrog Hot Tub Delivery in the Snow

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Remove cartridges by 
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  • Draining and Refilling

Most spa manufacturers recommend draining and refilling your hot tub at least once ever 3-4 months to maintain cleanliness and proper equipment function.

  • Filter Replacement

Depending on the usage of your spa, it is recommended that filters are cleaned twice per month, and replaced twice per year. We can easily provide this service, or for a do-it-yourself fix, you can buy replacement filters here.

  • Chemical Testing/Balancing etc.

Chemical testing and balancing must be done when the spa water is at least 80° F, so this service must be taken advantage of during spa season. Of course, this may be at any time of the year, but it cannot be combined with a draining/refilling.

  • Cleaning Stagnant Water Lines

If water sits inside of water lines for too long, bacteria may be trapped inside, causing unsanitary conditions. We will provide an estimate to clean and flush your spa’s waterlines.

  • Spa Winterization

Though Bullfrog Spas can be used all year round, some people may want to retire their spa for the colder months. Our winterizing package includes draining the spa, removing the pump drain plugs, loosening all unions, cleaning out all lines and jets, removing the filter and cleaning it for storage, and installing a plastic weather barrier for a water tight seal.

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