Making It Better: Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog’s STIL Modern Hot Tub Wins Prestigious Design Award More Than a Pretty Face Whether it’s Bullfrog’s handsome hot tub design, automatic spa cover option, spectacular massage JetPak technology, or their many other internationally-recognized features, Bullfrog Spas continue to get raves for their style. Today, however, is not about Bullfrog’s good looks. It’s [...]

Should I Take a Cold or Hot Bath After Exercising?

benefits of hydrotherapy The benefits of hydrotherapy has been well known for thousands of years. But the question as to whether cold is better than hot water, or a mixture of both is best for rejuvenating stressed or painful muscles, is still being debated. However, a recent study in therapeutic treatments strongly suggests [...]

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How Do I Choose a Qualified Hot Tub Technician?

“A lot of people worry whether the technician they call to repair their hot tub will know their stuff,” says Best Hot Tubs owner Bill Renter. “People aren’t sure how to tell who to choose. ” One way to be confident that a technician can handle your hot tub model and the particular problem with [...]

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Valentine’s Day Ideas: Rejuvenating Love

Here's to rejuvenating love Valentine's Day is a good time to remember that there’s nothing like love to make us feel fresh and new again. Consider the amazing life of the romantic poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Reportedly on her death bed, sick with an incurable illness, Elizabeth Barrett meets Robert Browning. They fall [...]

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