Bullfrog’s STIL Modern Hot Tub Wins Prestigious Design Award

Bullfrog’s STIL Modern Hot Tub Wins Prestigious Design Award

More Than a Pretty Face

Whether it’s Bullfrog’s handsome hot tub design, automatic spa cover option, spectacular massage JetPak technology, or their many other internationally-recognized features, Bullfrog Spas continue to get raves for their style.

Today, however, is not about Bullfrog’s good looks. It’s about what Bullfrog is even better known for —making it better.

Granted. Upgrades to a hot tub’s internal operating components is not a sexy blog topic. But  such upgrades can make a huge difference in one’s spa experience. So buckle up, everyone. We’re about to get nerdy.


Bullfrog's Enhanced Ozone System

Bullfrog’s Enhanced Ozone System

Bullfrog’s new 3-Part EOS (Enhanced Ozone System)

You’ve heard that when it comes to the right real estate purchase, it’s location, location, location? Well, when it comes to the best hot tub experience, it’s clean water, clean water, clean water.

So here’s some great news. Bullfrog’s new EOS 3-part system ensures ozone usage will be even more efficient and environmentally safe.

In speaking with Bullfrog’s Technical and Warranty Manager, Bart Plante, we learned how it works.

“Ozone is an important additive for keeping hot tubs safe and clean,” says Plante. “It helps supplement the chlorine and bromine chemicals used for this purpose, and it is a great water clarifier.”

But, he says, although ozone has a short lifespan — it only lives for about 30 seconds — that is long enough for some bubbles to escape into the atmosphere. Bullfrog’s new EOS 3-part system, which includes a degassing chamber, ensures any excess O-3 gas will be filtered out and the water returned to the spa clean.

What does this mean for the spa owner. You can relax knowing that with this new system you can use ozone to oxidize out impurities — leaving your spa 99.9% free of any microorganisms.

“So Bullfrog Spas users can enjoy pristine water, not worry about any leakage of it into the atmosphere, and this new system will also ensure there will be no oxidization of the inside of their hot tub cover, thereby prolonging its life.”


New Bullfrog Spas Valving System

New Bullfrog Spas Valving System

Bullfrog Spas Valving System

Bullfrog’s renowned JetPak system has gotten even easier to use. “Their new turning mechanism (valving system) now only requires a quick 1/4 turn for on or off, or to adjust the volume of spray,” says Plante.

“This also applies to Bullfrog’s in-spa waterfall feature.”

Spa users will find this is a terrific improvement because JetPaks are so important to the personalized therapy they deliver. Users were already in complete control of their massage pressure with Bullfrog Spas, this just makes changing the force up or down all that much easier.



Bullfrog's New 2-Pump System

Bullfrog’s New 2-Pump System

Small-Mid-Sized Models: New 2-Pump System 

Bullfrog’s smaller-sized spas (4-5 people capacity) originally only had a one-pump system, according to Plante.

“This year we’ve added a second pump as an upgrade option. The second pump allows those who expect to frequently have 4 JetPaks operating at the same time the ability to enjoy a very forceful massage in each seat.

“We found that some people enjoy very strong pressure — so this will really do the trick even in the smaller capacity spas we make.”



Bullfrog’s Stereo System Upgrade

Bullfrog’s Stereo System Upgrade

Stereo System Upgrade

“Today, people seem to not want to be bothered with CDs, FM, etc, so we upgraded our hot tub stereo system to bluetooth only,” says Plante.

“So many cell phones have bluetooth. This allows you to bring your favorite music via bluetooth to the hot tub without having to load anything in.”