Hydrotherapy: Why Relaxing Is So Beneficial

Have you ever wondered why being able to relax is so beneficial?  According to medical experts, when we relax our blood flow increases around our body, providing more energy. Our heart rate is also slowed, which reduces blood pressure. In addition, a calmer state of thought aids in positive thinking and helps our concentration — [...]

Hot Tubs and the “Wellness Factor”

Hot tubs can be a great opportunity for social activities. But just as frequently, portable spas are coveted for their “wellness factor.” Recent scientific studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute and others are showing that there are remarkable health benefits associated with warm water hydrotherapy in hot tubs.  Whether the need is [...]

Your Hot Tub Can Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Fall Asleep on Schedule   Sometimes getting to sleep at a decent hour is a struggle. But did you know that hot “tubs” may be better than hot “milk to help you nod off?” Early studies, including this report from Angie’s List, suggest that a portable spa’s ability to reduce stress will help [...]

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