Will Soaking in a Hot Tub Relax Me?

It’s becoming more and more clear that hydrotherapy (warm water immersion and massage) -- particularly when experienced regularly in a portable spa -- is an ideal way to relax the mind. “Frankly, for a true stress-relieving experience, the key is having a good variety of different pulsating jets in your spa to meet the needs of [...]

Enjoy A Peaceful Body, Peaceful Mind, and Peaceful Home

It’s always a good time to bring more peace into your life. And for many, a hot tub helps achieve this effortlessly.  “When you visit one of our showrooms,” says owner Bill Renter, “our staff can help you choose the best manufacturer and model for you and your family.” Bill adds the relaxing hydrotherapy that [...]

Get Fit in Your Above Ground Hot Tub

Many people only view hot tubs as a place to sit down and relax. While this is a great use of a hot tub, above ground spas can also make for excellent exercise environments. “According to a recent study, just chatting away in a hot tub can provide some of the same benefits as doing [...]

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Family Fun: Enjoying Your Hot Tub In Summer

It’s true, hot tubs as a rule operate at high temperatures. It’s also true that in summer most people are not looking to immerse themselves in something else hot and steamy when it’s already that way just being outdoors. That said, there’s some surprising news for those of you thinking about getting a hot tub. [...]

Saunas from Best Hot Tubs: A Natural Choice

For years, Best Hot Tubs has been providing our customers with top-of-the-line portable spas for home enjoyment and idyllic relaxation.  And we’ve learned a few things along the way. For example, while some people want all the hydrotherapy benefits of immersion in a spa’s warm bubbling water  — others want the benefits, but don’t like [...]

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Our Year End Blowout Sale Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

‼️ Great news. We not only have hot tubs in stock, in spa sizes that range from 3 to 7 people including some with loungers ... but we can deliver it to your home with 7 days! And more good news. You can order our Strong Spas from us over the phone! Want even more? [...]

Rev Up the Hot Tub! Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

The big man himself is coming to town very soon. So rev up the family hot tub and let him ease his tired muscles and bones. Mensch on a Bench/Pinterest   However! It’s not just the big man who’d love to relax in your hot tub over the holidays. We’ve seen Mensch On [...]

Can I Rent a Hot Tub Just for the Holidays?

Renting a spa for the holidays Not sure if you and the family are ready to commit to owning a hot tub? But you’d like to test the waters so to speak over the holidays by renting one? That’s not a bad idea. It’s quite the gift for the family — the gift [...]

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DIY-ers! Maintain Your Hot Tub With Help from Our Online Store

Best Hot Tubs commitment to provide our clients, friends and neighbors goes further than selling and installing the perfect hot tub. We offer year-round hot tub service (including snow shoveling to your spa!) but also provide the DIY-er with all they need to maintain their hot tub themselves. Whether you’re an occasional or regular DIY-er, [...]

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Warm Water Immersion: The Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

If you have health issues and physical therapy is required or recommended, the benefits of hydrotherapy as an element of your regime is pretty well known.  Hot Tub Ideal for Hydrotherapy   For example, one of our clients had been advised by doctors to use hot tub hydrotherapy. Best Hot Tubs helped him [...]

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