For years, Best Hot Tubs has been providing our customers with top-of-the-line portable spas for home enjoyment and idyllic relaxation. 

And we’ve learned a few things along the way. For example, while some people want all the hydrotherapy benefits of immersion in a spa’s warm bubbling water  — others want the benefits, but don’t like the getting wet part. Not to mention, there are hot tub lovers who turn off their spas in winter, yet still ache for the same benefits.

The solution? We’ve added  quality saunas to our product lines. Best Hot Tubs now offers the health and relaxing benefits of both wet and dry heat!


In case you didn’t already know, here are some of the many benefits of a sauna:

*Stress Relief  *Pain Relief  *Muscle Recovery  *Cardio Conditioning  *Overall Relaxation  *No need to go to spa or gym


LeisureCraft Sauna Kits