Labor Day Event: Save Up to $1,000 at Best Hot Tubs

Family Time Outs You’ve been working hard! And with Back to School looming, your kids are about to be working hard as well. Frankly, the whole family deserves to relax in a soothing hot tub. So the timing of Best Hot Tubs' Labor Day Savings Event on Bullfrog Spas couldn’t be better. [...]

Transform Your Backyard Into an Affordable, ‘Endless Summer’ Oasis

We spend many months here in the northeast, cold, cranky, waiting for winter to end. Now that summer is finally upon us, it’s time to act on our dreams and transform our backyard into an endless summer oasis.  One transformation, in particular, doesn’t require digging up your yard to create a water-centered haven. You [...]

The X Factor: Bullfrog’s Affordable, High Quality X Series Spas 

X Factor Music Competition The term X Factor usually refers to having star power that is hard to describe. But just like the music competition show of the same name, Best Hot Tubs’ expert panel of sales staff has no difficulty at all describing why Bullfrog Spas’ X Series — deserves its [...]

Will I Entertain More If I Get a Spa?

In recent weeks, our blog has been focusing on the advantages of looking up from our smart phones and socializing more in-person.  To complete the series, we checked in with Timothy Sullivan, and his partner Brian, who live in South Baldwin, NY, and see if, for example, their Bullfrog [...]

Tips for Hot Tub Halloween Party: Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

It can be easier than you think to host a hair-raising Halloween hot tub party. Today we’ve curated some fun online ideas — and included some of our own, Munster-friendly, not too complicated ideas. Overall Basics: You’ll want very clean water. Have a simple theme — creepy or sophisticated. You can go small (one [...]

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Looking for Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas?

When you’re looking for landscaping ideas for an outdoor hot tub, it can seem like the expertise you need is fractured. On the one hand, you need help from a competent and talented landscaper — and you need the right hot tub for you and your family. Well you have stopped by the right [...]

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Best Hot Tubs: Lordy! There’s a Shark in Our Spa!

Barbara Corcoran of ABC's Shark Tank You might think having a shark in a hot tub is a bad idea. But, that’s not necessarily so. At least not when the shark is an internationally recognized celebrity. The shark in question is Barbara Corcoran — real estate mogul, business expert, author, speaker, and [...]

Picturesque Backyards Can Begin with a Portable Spa

Many homeowners look for ways to enjoy the outdoors, in an attractive setting, without breaking the bank. And to most, the ultimate picturesque yard includes some sort of water feature. As an age-old way to detoxify and relax, the easy-to-install portable spa meets all those needs. Hot tubs are easily integrated into their surroundings, and [...]

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Should I Take a Cold or Hot Bath After Exercising?

benefits of hydrotherapy The benefits of hydrotherapy has been well known for thousands of years. But the question as to whether cold is better than hot water, or a mixture of both is best for rejuvenating stressed or painful muscles, is still being debated. However, a recent study in therapeutic treatments strongly suggests [...]

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