Tips for Spooky Spa Halloween Fun at Home

If you don’t want to take the kids door-to-door this Halloween, how about some spooky fun at home instead. And if you’ve got a hot tub, you’ve already got the perfect center for all the ghoulish action. So. Get ready! Get Set! And let’s B00-gie this Spa Halloween.   Witches Cauldron Hot Tub   [...]

Hot Tubs: A Cure For End-of-Winter-Blues

Many are still praying that our kids will soon be back in school, full-time. COVID ins’t over and it’s been a long snowy winter. But the days are getting longer, which is cheery. And we’re all ready to get outdoors and cure those end-of-winter blues — even though spring has not yet sprung. So. Can [...]

Yes! We Have Hot Tubs You Can Buy ‘Today’

Best Hot Tubs has been selling quality Bullfrog Spas at our three New York showrooms (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham) for years. Before COVID, we always had a substantial array of Bullfrog models in stock, ready to be installed at happy clients homes. Not to mention Tuff rental spas for short term lease. But as many of [...]

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Test the Hot Tub Lifestyle With a Rental

COVID-19: Benefits of a Hot Tub While the CDC does not have an opinion on whether soaking in a hot tub will kill the COVID-19 virus in your body (if contracted), they do confirm that the heat, humidity and chlorine or bromine in hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes it.   [...]

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6 Tips for a Hair-Raising Halloween Hot Tub Party

It can be easier than you think to host a hair-raising Halloween hot tub party. Today we’ve curated some fun online ideas — and included some of our own, Munster-friendly, not too complicated ideas. Overall Basics: You’ll want very clean water. Go creepy or sophisticated. You can go small (one home hot tub) or [...]

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