Best Hot Tubs has been selling quality Bullfrog Spas at our three New York showrooms (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham) for years. Before COVID, we always had a substantial array of Bullfrog models in stock, ready to be installed at happy clients homes. Not to mention Tuff rental spas for short term lease.

But as many of you know, the pandemic has slowed production at many manufacturing companies. And with much of America working at home, demand has been extremely high for a portable hot tub. All this has resulted in a shortage of available spas everywhere. 



Best Hot Tubs showroom

Best Hot Tubs showroom

Here’s the Good News!

Working hard to meet this high demand, Best Hot Tubs has pulled together an appealing collection of quality portable spas available now:

— Strong Spas (9 in stock),

— Aspen Spas (2 in stock)

— Tuff Spas to rent, and

— 20 Bullfrog Spas coming very soon


“Regarding the Bullfrog Spas, we will have 15 new hot tubs in a variety of Bullfrog models arriving in our showrooms in November,” says our own Bill Renter. “Ordered back in April, they’ll be here in time for the chilly weather and holidays. But we highly recommend signing on for one just as soon as you can. I wouldn’t wait until they arrive.”


Spas Available at Best Hot Tubs

Spas Available at Best Hot Tubs


Note: The Bullfrog Spas arriving in November are already under construction and it’s too late to request special options. “But all the models coming in are of Bullfrog’s superb quality with sufficient bells and whistles to ensure a terrific spa experience. You’ll be happy to own any of these.”


Update Regarding our Farmingdale Showroom

Best Hot Tubs recently moved and are now located at 1911 Broadhollow Road in Farmingdale. 

Here’s a photo of when we were in the process of moving in:


New Farmingdale Location

New Farmingdale Location


You are invited to email or phone our showrooms for the very latest news regarding our stock and pricing. 


By phone:

Farmingdale/Keith McPartland:  917-716-7656

Windham/Jack Desposito: 646 866-3030

Westbury/Bob Bernstein : 516-429-3439