Have You Prepared Your Hot Tub For Summer?

To enjoy your hot tub throughout the summer, we have some maintenance tops that will ensure a healthy spa for your happy summer soaks. You can, of course, contact our Best Hot Tubs technicians and they will regularly check/maintain your spa, keep records of work done, and perform any or all of the following tasks [...]

Summer Discounts: Get That Family Hot Tub Today!

With summer discount pricing available at Best Hot Tubs on quality spas that can seat 8 (or even 9) adults, this is a great time to choose — and use — a spa perfect for you.   Summer Fun To Kids, Summer Means Splashing Water July 4th falls on a Monday this year, [...]

Family Fun: Enjoying Your Hot Tub In Summer

It’s true, hot tubs as a rule operate at high temperatures. It’s also true that in summer most people are not looking to immerse themselves in something else hot and steamy when it’s already that way just being outdoors. That said, there’s some surprising news for those of you thinking about getting a hot tub. [...]

No More End-of-Summer Blues with a Hot Tub

Unlike a pool, when you own a hot tub, there is no time of year when you have to close a spa down. So no need for any end-of-summer blues. Most of our clients, except the snowbirds who head south for the winter, operate their hot tubs 12 months a year, 24-7.    Pools [...]

Tips for Cooling Off in a Hot Tub in Summer

Hot Tubs in Summer In summer, it’s not just achy or tense adults who love hot tubbing.  Those with no soreness or worries at all, not to mention kids,  love their spas — even when it’s hot. That’s because when the weather warms up, unless the spa is needed for specific hydrotherapy reasons, one [...]

For Pristine Hot Tubs in Summer: Spas Are Not Small Pools

When the expense of a swimming pool is beyond someone’s budget, a hot tub can be the perfect answer. However, these two amenities do not function the same way. How you maintain a spa, for example, is different from a pool. Tutoring hot tub owners on how to maintain their hot tub is something we [...]

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Memorial Weekend — Everyone into the ‘Hot Tub’

As Memorial weekend approaches, many are thinking about how best to enjoy the warmer months. Some might feel a fun summer requires a pool. But we’re here to say: Maybe not. A less expensive and simpler to install portable hot tub might just be your answer. Water Temperature Thermometer If you’ve never had [...]

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