To enjoy your hot tub throughout the summer, we have some maintenance tops that will ensure a healthy spa for your happy summer soaks.

You can, of course, contact our Best Hot Tubs technicians and they will regularly check/maintain your spa, keep records of work done, and perform any or all of the following tasks should you wish.


Preparing Your Spa for Summer

Do Hot Tub Inspection Throughout the Year

Do Hot Tub Inspection Throughout the Year


Thorough inspections of your hot tub begins well before the summer months. Leaks, cracks or damage to the internal mechanisms need to be fixed quickly before they cause serious damage.

Regular checks will safeguard your spa’s pumps, ozonators, filters, jets and panel are fully functional. 




Drain and Clean

For Pristine Water, Occasionally Drain and Clean

For Pristine Water, Occasionally Drain and Clean


It doesn’t matter if you used your hot tub regularly after the winter or your spa sat idle, it will have to be occasionally drained and cleaned. During this maintenance, you would also clean the pumps, valves, jets, filter casings, and pipes. After the hot tub is dried after cleaning, use an all-purpose cleaner and a polish on the surface.


Balance the Chemicals 

After refilling your tub after a drain and clean, the water needs to be chemically balanced. Test strips will help you analyze the water quality levels. If the levels are unsafe, add the appropriate chemicals to balance them out. For more on this click here.


Keep Your Hot Tub From Overheating


Cool It Down

Control Panel

Control Panel



Preventing your hot tub from overheating is crucial during summer. If you undergo summer heatwaves, for a relaxing daytime dip, lower the temperature to 95 degrees F or lower.  Click here for more:





Adjust Filtration

Refrain from running filtration cycles for long periods of time, as your spa is at risk of overheating and shutting down. Put your hot tub in filtration mode, set the filtration to run during the coolest time of day or night for 1 hour, and open the cover regularly to allow heat to escape. Once temperatures begin to drop again, adjust the filtration settings back to normal.


Keep It Covered

Maintain Your Spa Cover

Maintain Your Spa Cover

You will prevent damage and protect against UV rays by cleaning and conditioning your spa cover. To do this, remove the cover and spray the underside with a hose.

For regular covers, use a sponge and spa cover cleaner to wash away dirt, oil, or stains. Wipe down the top with a wet rag and cleaner. Rinse it off with water, then towel dry. Apply a vinyl conditioner to keep your cover strong and soft. You will also increase the longevity of your cover by removing it a few times per week, and allowing it to breathe. 

If you have a special hot tub cover, ask our sales team for specifics on how to maintain it, or check your manufacturer’s manual.


Keep Up on The Chemistry

One secret to spa care is taking care of the water. Test the water with a test kit a few times per week, and make adjustments accordingly to alkaline, pH, sanitizer levels, and calcium hardness. It may be helpful to track your changes and keep a log of adjustments. For tips on this, click here.


Clean the Filter and The Spa

Locate your filter, and look to see if it has a pressure gauge attached. If so, the cartridge will need to be cleaned when the pressure rises above 8-10 PSI, or when the flow is reduced. If there is no gauge, clean the filter on a regular basis—about every 4-8 weeks. Your filter will most likely need to be changed every 10-15 cleanings, and replaced every 1-2 years, so keep track of your filter’s cleaning cycles and age.

Also clean the waterline and surfaces every 2-4 months. Do not use old or expired household products or soap. Floating debris can be removed with a net, and you can use a small battery-powered or garden hose-powered vacuum for removal of debris from the bottom. 


Stick to a Schedule

Following a maintenance schedule consistently is key to a smoothly-running spa. Establish good habits for before and after each use, every month, every few months, and every year. Create a hot tub maintenance checklist for yourself. That way, you can enjoy a safe, functional hot tub no matter the season. 


Proper Hot Tub Care:

Proper Hot Tub Care:

Now that the fun of July 4th is over, it’s worth ensuring that the water in your hot tub stays pristine and the spa is in top shape, like this beautiful spa purchased at Best Hot Tubs.

Again, you can, of course, contact our Best Hot Tubs technicians and they will regularly check/maintain your spa, keep records of work done, and perform any of the above tasks should you wish. 


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