The easiest way to be certain if you will need a permit to add a hot tub on your property is to contact your local building department. Long Island, NY, alone, for example, has over 130 different towns and villages, many of which write their own codes. So there are probably places that require one. The same is true for the Catskills. 

Mainly, what the various building departments want to see is how your hot tub model conforms to local codes regarding property lines (set backs) or the minimum distance between installations and the lot line. 

It is also possible to do an online search of your own Town and type in ‘building codes’ and ‘hot tubs’ to get the needed information.


Here we can be very definite. “Yes. A licensed electrician is required,” says our own Bill Renter. “This is because a hot tub uses heaters, filters, pumps, lights etc. requiring a bonded professional. Such an electrician will provide hot tub purchasers with an underwriter’s certificate indicating that it’s been inspected and approved to meet the NED (National Electric Code).”

Very often, Best Hot Tubs staff can recommend someone for this, or new clients can use their own ele