Can I Buy a ‘Large’ Quality Hot Tub for Under $10,000?

  YES!  Yes, you can!  While Supplies Last: If you live within the delivery reach of any of our three New York locations — Westbury, Farmingdale, Windham — you can purchase one of our very comfortable, large, quality Aspen Spas.  While supplies last, choose a 7’x 7’ or 8’ x 8’ spa …       [...]

Enjoy A Peaceful Body, Peaceful Mind, and Peaceful Home

It’s always a good time to bring more peace into your life. And for many, a hot tub helps achieve this effortlessly.  “When you visit one of our showrooms,” says owner Bill Renter, “our staff can help you choose the best manufacturer and model for you and your family.” Bill adds the relaxing hydrotherapy that [...]

Aspen Spas Sales Event: Just in Time for Spa Season

  ‼️Aspen Spas (seating up to 8 people) under $10,000 ‼️ Labor Day weekend marks for many the end of the pool season — and the beginning of spa season! For a very limited time, Best Hot Tubs is offering a substantially reduced price on one of our quality brand spas — Aspen Spas! How [...]

Can I Rent a Hot Tub Just for Labor Day Weekend?

Not sure if you and the family are ready to commit to owning a hot tub — even if there are good sales available? But you'd like to test the water so to speak over the upcoming long weekend? As the final major weekend of the summer’s outdoor living season, renting a hot tub is [...]

Hot Tubs Are a Great Place to Catch Up

Your portable spa is a great place for conversations. Whether you regularly catch up with friends or family or prefer the occasional get-together, immersion in a hot tub is ideal.  For example, time spent in a spa offers a nice block of time to be away from telephone calls, texts, and sets a time for [...]

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Saunas from Best Hot Tubs: A Natural Choice

For years, Best Hot Tubs has been providing our customers with top-of-the-line portable spas for home enjoyment and idyllic relaxation.  And we’ve learned a few things along the way. For example, while some people want all the hydrotherapy benefits of immersion in a spa’s warm bubbling water  — others want the benefits, but don’t like [...]

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Delight Mom with Unforgettable ‘Home Spa Day’

Mom’s The Best!   Mother’s Day is this Sunday and it’s not too late to plan something special. Why not give her an unforgettable ‘home spa day.’ Even if you don’t have a hot tub, a bathtub is just fine. The key is for Mom to enjoy a hot bath (bubbling if possible), [...]

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Every Day Is National Hot Tub Day at Best Hot Tubs

National Hot Tub Day   National Hot Tub Day may officially be this coming Monday, March 28th. And if you want to make a special time of it — you can play some games in your spa with the family. Or enjoy some aromatherapy. Maybe try out some hot tub yoga. Better yet, [...]

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Fall In Love Again This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day Begins at Best Hot Tubs   Find out how easy it is to fall in love again when you have a hot tub — an amenity that relieves pain, reduces stress, and brings your family closer together, including you and your partner. Whether you own a hot tub, are about [...]

Our Year End Blowout Sale Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

‼️ Great news. We not only have hot tubs in stock, in spa sizes that range from 3 to 7 people including some with loungers ... but we can deliver it to your home with 7 days! And more good news. You can order our Strong Spas from us over the phone! Want even more? [...]

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