Bullfrog Spas: Hydrotherapy Just Outside Your Door

When people search online ‘near me’ for something they very much want, they are frequently looking for convenience, for something close by. Sometimes that need is significant and is ongoing. With all we’re dealing with these days, some of that need is related to health issues like stress. Sometimes it’s improving muscle health, or the [...]

The Bullfrog Spa Experience: It’s Not Selfish to Take Care of Yourself

  “Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” --motivational speaker Mark Black     Have you ever wondered why being able to relax is so beneficial?  Relaxation   According to medical experts, when we relax our blood flow increases around our body, providing more energy. Our heart rate is also [...]

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Bullfrog’s R Series: Customized Spa Experience at a Moderate Price

During the pandemic, families have been searching for ways to make life at home an experience — something beyond the routine. A family-hot tub has become one such lifestyle upgrade.  Indeed. Ideal for individual quiet moments, as well as fun for the whole family, many have found it to be just what the doctor ordered, [...]

Should I Get a Portable Hot Tub for Our Family?

If you’ve been wondering if a portable hot tub is right for you, and if you would use it if you had one, we have some thoughts on how you might answer that.   Bullfrog Spas: The Perfect Portable Hot Tub Experience “Immersion in one of our Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak seats, letting the [...]

Custom Spa Installation: Working Together Is Key

Working together for the same end is desperately needed all around us right now. And while our small example of a business collaboration may not be the equivalent of stopping a riot, or miraculously ending the pain of so many, nevertheless, it proves the larger point — working together is the key to success.  We [...]

Mothers: Escape to Your Bullfrog Spa

  Happy Mother's Day! It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for you to deserve a treat. Even in the best of times, daily routines require an escape. True, you can enjoy a spa day. But that’s one day, one escape. Imagine, if you could escape to your Bullfrog Spa whenever you want [...]

New York Families: A Hot Tub Has Never Felt So Good

In the past, we New Yorkers have had our share of emergencies. But COVID 19 is different, isn’t it? We don’t know where the end of it is, and what the end will look like when it comes. All we know is, we have to soldier on.  For some of us, soldiering on is keeping [...]

Spa Hydrotherapy: Treatment for Body and Soul

The news in New York worries us all. It does cheer us somewhat at Best Hot Tubs that our portable spa business is helping to bring some measure of peace and connection to our neighbors’ homes — through warm water massage therapy. Any way we can bring a bit of peace to our lives is [...]

How Will a Hot Tub Improve My Life?

  2020 Fall In Love Sale     SALE NOW ON. Ends February 17th. $1,000 mail-in rebate for M Series, $500 for STIL/A Series/R Series, and $300 for X Series         How Will a Hot Tub Improve My Life? Bullfrog Spas' JetPak There are many reasons people want a [...]

Elite New ‘M Series’: Step Right Into Bullfrog’s Most Spacious Hot Tub

Showcasing their new hot tubs’ clean, sleek lines and incredibly spacious interiors, Bullfrog Spas unveiled their newest spa line  — their “M” Series — at a recent Pool and Spa Show in New Orleans.  Bullfrog Spas’ Elite M Series “This is elite luxury,” said Bullfrog, “by combining captivating aesthetics with versatility and ease [...]

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