Whether you are among the 58% in a recent survey who plan on staying close to home over Thanksgiving, or are among those planning holiday travel (up by 377% this year), there’s one amenity that will enhance either experience.

And that is a hot tub! While any holiday is an escape — an escape from weekly grinds and, often, calorie counting. But even happy escapes can bring a tension all their own. Packing and repacking clothes, long lines at the airport. Or preparing a large meal for your whole extended family.

The presence of a hot tub in the midst of all this busyness ensures a relaxed and joyful Thanksgiving holiday — no matter where you’re at. 


Make Ease and Comfort Part of Your Thanksgiving Holiday


Relaxation Aids Sleep

Relaxation Aids Sleep




Your hot tub immersions will not only relax you by relieving stress but this peaceful state naturally helps aid sleep. 

Even in the best of times, just thinking about the holidays can be exhausting. So there is no better time to begin bringing a little more peace into your life with your own hot tub.





Weight Loss/Hot Tubs 

Weight Loss/Hot Tubs

Did you know that studies show that hot tubs help produce long term benefits that include help with weight loss.

For example, the sense of well-being one gets from a hot tub’s hydrotherapy contributes to not needing as much to eat because of feeling more content. That sure helps avoid that third piece of pumpkin pie!

In addition, the hydrotherapy improves cardiovascular performance, so you find exercising easier to do. Plus, other studies show that a soak in a hot tub actually burns calories.



Getting a Hot Tub in Time for Thanksgiving

Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance:

Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance:

Whether you’re wanting a hot tub for your home or vacation rental, time is getting short for Thanksgiving. But there’s still time. 

“You can hook up one of our hot tub models right on the ground without too much advance prep,” says our own Bill Renter.

“Best Hot Tubs not only has a quality spa to install — Strong Spas, AspenSpas, and in Windham also Bullfrog Spas — but our teams can help you choose just the right hot tub for your needs. They can even offer you a service contract for maintaining the spa,” he adds.



Hot Tub Focal Points (Thanksgiving)

Hot Tub Focal Points (Thanksgiving)


There’s no need to worry about a fancy custom installation. It’s easy to create a nice focal point for family, friends, or guests:

A few baskets of seasonal gourds, a cheerful jack-o-lantern, colorful seasonal flowers like mums set on a bench is all you need. 



Staycations or Vacation Stays

Money Manager’s report with “unexpected statistics regarding Thanksgiving 2022” suggest there’s good reason for getting a hot tub no matter what your plans.

Reservations for short-term rentals such as Airbnb and Vrbo for holiday travel are up 377% over recent years. So those who own a vacation rental property or who are planning on renting out their home for some extra cash — a hot tub is one amenity that adds to your success.

On the other hand, their report says over 58% of Thanksgiving travel survey respondents “are planning to stay close to home for the holidays.” 


Relieving stress during holidays

Relieving stress during holidays

At Best Hot Tubs — we’re got your calm and ease ready to deliver for the holidays!


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