It’s becoming more and more clear that hydrotherapy (warm water immersion and massage) — particularly when experienced regularly in a portable spa — is an ideal way to relax the mind.

“Frankly, for a true stress-relieving experience, the key is having a good variety of different pulsating jets in your spa to meet the needs of the moment,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs. “All the spas we sell provide great massages.”


Ultimate Relaxation

Ultimate Relaxation

As most of us know, it can be hard to turn off thoughts racing in our minds. This is what causes stress. And whenever possible, we don’t want to turn to drugs to stop the mental noise.

“At Best Hot Tubs we sell Strong Spas and Aspen Spas in our three showrooms and Bullfrog Spas in our Windham store,” says Bill.


“In fact we have a great sale on quality Aspen Spas right now.”


Here’s a great short video from Aspen Spas showing you how at the push of a button massage jets can go from Zero to Ahh in just a few seconds.





Massage Jets Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Fall Asleep on Schedule

Fall Asleep on Schedule


Sometimes getting to sleep at a decent hour is a struggle. But did you know that hot “tubs” may be better than hot “milk to help you nod off?”

Early studies, including this report from Angie’s List, suggest that a portable spa’s ability to reduce stress will help you relax enough to make falling asleep much easier.




Enhancing Your Spa Experience

Enhancing Your Spa Experience

Exterior LED sconce lights around the outside of a spa perimeter, like this Best Hot Tubs clients,’ enhance the nighttime allure of your backyard and help create a safe, illuminated spa environment that will tempt you to a pre-nighty-night soak.


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