Halloween hot tub parties allow you to not only relax and be calm, but also to eat, drink — and be scary! With a spa — your own or a rental — it’s easy to host a spook-tacular Halloween

First, you’ll want to begin with very clean water. And plan a simple theme — creepy or sophisticated. You can go small (one home hot tub) or big (rent a bunch).

So get ready, and let’s Booo-gie!


Clean Hot Tub Water:

For Pristine Hot Tub Water

For Pristine Hot Tub Water

You want everything at your Halloween hot tub party to be frightening — except the water. That you want pristine.

We have lots of tips for DIY hot tub maintenance (just search our blogs or visit our account on YouTube). Or you can contact our showrooms for advice or for our service technicians to come and ensure a well-running spa. 


Additional Note: If you need a rental or wish to purchase a hot tub, we have hot tubs in stock!



Family Fright Night

Fun for your young witches

Fun for your young witches



If you and your young witches prefer to avoid the usual trick-or-treating scene this Halloween, how about a special family night centered around your hot tub? 

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for your party heme. Consider how the Fair-Lane Hotel tricked out their spa one year. They used plastic body parts as spa floaters for some ghoulish fun.






Speaking of An Arm and a Leg

If your Halloween plans go beyond just the family, you might want to get spooky using your hot tub. Consider what a hotel did with their spa for Halloween one year:

Fair-Lane Hotel Spa Floaters: For Halloween the hotel added plastic arms and legs as floaters for their spa.

Fair-Lane Hotel Spa Floaters: For Halloween the hotel added plastic arms and legs as floaters for their spa.



Witches Cauldron Hot Tub

Of course, your young witches, or older ones, might enjoy a completely transformed hot tub such as a spa-witches cauldron. Here’s some ideas:


Wicked Witch of the West, Wizard of Oz

Wicked Witch of the West, Wizard of Oz

#1. For scary background noise, how about capturing such taunts as the famous line from the movie, The Wizard of Oz on tape:

“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”

#2.For decorations, you could scare up some black cats, and witches hats like our witch-friend (right).

#3.For the spa itself, one trick would be to switch your LED lighting to green, or possibly purple. And you can add in those body parts like the Fair-Lane hotel (above) with maybe some eye balls and skeleton bones. The steam from the hot tub water and its jets will provide the rest.


Bugs and hisses…from Best Hot Tubs! Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween!


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