Many are still praying that our kids will soon be back in school, full-time. COVID ins’t over and it’s been a long snowy winter. But the days are getting longer, which is cheery. And we’re all ready to get outdoors and cure those end-of-winter blues — even though spring has not yet sprung.

So. Can a hot tub, like our headline today suggests, actually help?

Bill Renter/delivery of a Best Hot Tubs rental spa

Bill Renter/delivery of a Best Hot Tubs rental spa

“From all we’ve witnessed in our many years in the spa business — yes it can,” says our own Bill Renter.

“For one thing, when you own a hot tub, there’s really no end to the outdoor season, because there’s no time of year you have to close a spa down. Unless you’re a snowbird who heads south for winter, most of our clients operate their hot tub 12 months a year, 24-7. 

But the joys of being outdoors, and feeling unconfined, is only one of the gifts a hot tub offers.




The benefits of hydrotherapy — or alleviating discomforts through immersion in warm water — is not subject to any calendar, so it’s soothing bubbling water is way more than a cure for end-of-winter-blues.


Hot water therapy any time of year

Hot water therapy any time of year


Known to reduce stress as much as it does aching bones and muscles, immersion in a portable spa means stress is rarely experienced once you’ve got a hot tub.

Did you know that scientific studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute (located at Washington State University) show remarkable health benefits associated with warm water hydrotherapy in hot tubs? For example: lowering blood pressure and improving heart and circulatory health.


Choosing the Spa for You

At Best Hot Tubs we offer three major spa manufacturer’s models — Strong Spas, Aspen Spas and Bullfrog Spas, as well as rental spas.

Strong Spas covers, like this Summit Mocha HardCover, have a lifetime guarantee.

Strong Spas covers, like this Summit Mocha HardCover, have a lifetime guarantee.


Our Strong Spas are manufactured in the good ol’ USA — in Pennsylvania. They are built to last and are energy-efficient. Strong boasts three different series: “Premium,” “Summit,” and “Durasport” models. 

“These beauties are sleek and stylish,” says Bill Renter. “The seating is ergonomically designed for great relaxation and superb rejuvenation.”



Aspen offers entry steps for safer entry into your spa.

Known for “Enviro Spa” construction, our Aspen spas boast shells and cabinets made to withstand the elements.

“This is key in the freeze/thaw weather we have in New York,” says Bill.

“This brand of hot tub resists damage from rain, humidity, heat, cold, and ice so they are popular in our neck of the woods. And Aspen models are also energy-efficient.”

Aspen says they emphasize energy efficiency through “unique applications of innovative insulation materials.” Such applications, says Aspen, means they are “built to maintain warm, therapeutic water while keeping energy bills low.”


Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas



For details about our Bullfrog Spas (available from our Windham showroom), a simple search of our blogs will call up a wide variety of posts detailing the benefits of Bullfrog models. 





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