New Yorkers love golf

New Yorkers love golf

In the areas we service — in and around Long Island and Windham, NY — golf courses are already opening up. Sure there may be some lingering course restrictions due to COVID, but, really, who gives a handicap. To golfers, getting out on the green is worth it.

Beyond getting outdoors, one thing on many golfers minds is: How can I improve my swing?



Warm Water Hydrotherapy

Aspen Spa Warm Water Hydrotherapy



Well, did you know that golf experts believe you can improve your golf game with hydrotherapy? You know, the kind that comes from immersion in a hot tub?





A Golf Digest Fitness Advisor, for example, has pointed out that to improve one’s golf game “You need moist heat,” And that’s moist heat like you experience in a hot tub, which he says is great before a game, as well as after. 

You can read all about how a hot tub can improve your golf game through a hot tub’s hydrotherapy, in an informative Bullfrog Spas blog post here.



Spas/Improving Muscle Health

Spas/Improving Muscle Health

Spending time in a hot tub can decrease pain and help improve flexibility by decreasing the effects of gravity, increasing blood flow, and by lessening the pull of tight muscles on sore joints.

Plus, because hydrotherapy also improves anyone’s cardiovascular performance, we find sports, including golf, easier to do. 

Of course, it is always common sense if you suffer from any of these problems to ask your physician what the right course of treatment is and how hot tub hydrotherapy can help.

When you consider that the benefits of pulsating actions of warm water spa jets on muscles and bones, etc., you can imagine how rejuvenating the totality of the hot tub experience can be.


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