By Christine Karpinski

By Christine Karpinski

Since Revolutionary times, beautiful areas of New York have always been a draw — a playground if you will. Because of that, vacation rentals have long been a tempting source of income for property owners.

But competition for renters, especially today, can be fierce. So if you have been considering, or are already renting, your property, here’s one amenity that will help you get your rental noticed — a good, quality hot tub. 

This is true whether you choose to market it through Airbnb, an established real estate firm, or by owner. 



When asked what would be ‘the best thing to do’ if you decided to rent out a property, “Add a hot tub,” was the response from Christine Karpinski, author of “How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner”and “Profit From Your Vacation Home Dream.”


“A Spa is a Main Attraction For Renters”

Vacation Family Fun

Vacation Family Fun

Best Hot Tubs spoke to Karpinski a while back. She explained that adding a hot tub provides “gravy income,” where property owners can make extra money.

The author also shared with us an example of when she had cabins in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

“I made a lot more money than those without a hot tub because a spa is a main attraction for renters that can be used during four seasons. In the Catskills, it can be chilly at night even during summer, but when it’s hot, it’s not necessary to heat the water — and the spa becomes a cool plunge tub.”



Just Ask Local Experts

Spas to fit all property sizes

Spas to fit all property sizes

After reading a newspaper article about Karpinski’s views on the value of hot tubs, a local real estate expert in Windham (Catskills), NY, confirmed the author’s experience.

“I am in total agreement with what she says regarding hot tubs,” said Lisa Jaeger, Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker Village Green. “Hot tubs give homes the sizzle that sells — for sure.”





“You Will Get the Booking”

A hot tub is also a great marketing tool, said Karpinski. “You don’t have to raise your rate because you have a spa. If you price yours the same as others, you won’t get more money, but you will get the booking.”

The author is often asked if a hot tub presents any liability issues and if renters worry that a hot tub will be clean?

“Regarding liability, I always recommend the property owners contact their insurance person and add the hot tub to their insurance policy. And as for how clean will the hot tub be? This is a very common question you get from renters. And it’s an easy one to answer. We always explain that we empty, sanitize and refill the hot tub after each guest.”


A Rental Hot Tub Should Be Pristine Clean

“Making sure your hot tub is kept up to the highest standards is where we come in,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs and its weekly hot tub service division. “Not only can we supply property owners with a great hot tub for their guests, we can service it, too.

“It can be a challenge for property owners who live at a distance — or are busy with other employment. There are many New Yorkers who have vacation properties on Fire Island, in other beautiful areas of Long Island, as well as in the Catskills. Our service allows them to relax, in the knowledge that we’ll ensure their spa is in great working order and its water quality is perfectly clean before and after each visit.”

Best Hot Tubs service can be arranged at, or by calling one of our three showrooms:

Nassau (516) 279-4850 | Suffolk (631) 465-0175 | Catskills (518) 734-9100



Nature Walk/Catskills

Nature Walk/Catskills


So go ahead and list your property and all its amenities: fully stocked kitchen, crisp, clean linens, backyard trails, near outdoor activities, etc.,….and…of course….

A quality and pristine-clean hot tub   ✔︎