COVID-19: Benefits of a Hot Tub

While the CDC does not have an opinion on whether soaking in a hot tub will kill the COVID-19 virus in your body (if contracted), they do confirm that the heat, humidity and chlorine or bromine in hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes it.  

So hot tubs provide a safe activity for families sheltering-in-place at home. Of course, over-crowding a hot tub is never advisable. Stick with normal family use which is just fine, say experts. 

But what about those who do not yet own a hot tub? If you’ve been wishing to test the waters so to speak, you may want to try a rental spa. 

Best Hot Tubs’ Rental Spas

Best Hot Tubs' Tuff Spas

Best Hot Tubs’ Tuff Spas

“We have been getting an increase in calls for rentals,” says Best Hot Tubs’ owner, Bill Renter. “Those who live within our service areas (Catskills/Metro-Long Island/NY) are glad to hear we provide this option.”

Best Hot Tubs rentals are different from the premium Bullfrog Spas we sell. That said, the Tuff Spas we rent do offer one great benefit to those who are only renting. These spas don’t require any special electrical outlet upgrades to accommodate them.”

There is one caveat, however. “Our Tuff Spa rentals do require 3-5 days advance notice,” says Bill. “Because they work off of a regular 110V electrical plug, their heaters are small and take quite awhile to get up to temperature. Of course, there remains the advantage, that the client can plug it in right away.”

Costs for local delivery and pick up are included in the pricing of our rentals. Our rentals are $395 for a weekend. We also have pricing for the day, week, month and longer, with the price per day going down the longer you have it.  

About Our Tuff Spa Rentals

Our rental hot tubs seat up to 7 and boast hydrotherapy jets. As for hot tub seating size, it is just fine that portable spas do not seat a crowd all at once, particularly during a health crisis. However, once the quarantine is over, and you use a rental or any spa for a party, it’s always advisable to take regular breaks from hot water use. This allows for convenient rotations between guests.

Best Hot Tubs tutors renters on how to operate our rentals successfully, including the best water temperature for the age of the children. (Very young children should not be immersed in a hot tub.)

Tuff Spa LED Light

Tuff Spa LED Light



Our Tuff Spas also boast LED Lighting. A multi colored LED light enhance the water’s appearance and creates a relaxing




But Can I Get a Hot Tub During COVID-19 Restrictions?

Certainly, how sales or rentals of any product are conducted in the time of COVID-19 is a challenge. But Best Hot Tubs can say, yes, we are still very much open — just in a different way. We can help you choose the right hot tub for you and your family, including delivery, all while following national and local guidelines. We do this by phone, email and through our website.