Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for you to deserve a treat.

Even in the best of times, daily routines require an escape. True, you can enjoy a spa day. But that’s one day, one escape. Imagine, if you could escape to your Bullfrog Spa whenever you want — making every day, Mother’s Day.

The brief 44 sec video below highlights just that for Moms: a “peaceful body, peaceful home, peaceful mind” — anytime!





Above-ground spas

Moms: Escape to your Bullfrog Spa

Moms: Escape to your Bullfrog Spa

Have you noticed that the spas we see celebs using are often above-ground portable spas — the type Best Hot Tubs specializes in. Custom in-ground spas are frequently linked up with a pool and not everyone wants this.

Although many see custom in-ground spas as aesthetically pleasing (and they are), some portable above-ground hot tubs, like the Bullfrog Spas we offer, are very stylish and handsome in their own right. Plus, portable hot tubs tend to have more jets and comfortable seats.

And we’re talking really comfortable massage seats over in-ground concrete spas…and these seats that can be designed just to fit you (including Mom) personally.


Easy Set Up

At Best Hot Tubs, like many reputable dealers, we make it very easy for customers to set up the space in their yard. Our hot tubs can be installed almost anywhere, can sit on a surface such as a deck or patio, recessed in a deck, or installed flush level on a patio. Of course, they can also be installed inside.

Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Operate?

Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Operate?

Be assured it doesn’t take much more than a love of the outdoors to own a hot tub.

Sure, there are some things you need to do periodically to keep the water clean, and a few safety tips to learn.

But there are many easy tutorials about how to use hot tub chemicals, plus any local hot tub dealer such as Best Hot Tubs will be available to answer questions, help you choose a model, install it properly, and even come to check on your hot tub if you require. You can also get us to service your hot tub so you never have to think about what’s needed to keep the water pristine and the spa operating well.


Discounts During New York’s Lockdown

“We’re getting a lot of buyers right now wanting to take advantage of this opportunity,” says Bill Renter. “Once we’re back at full staff again this sort of pricing will not be sustainable. The big discounts must end the day the order to stay-at-home is lifted.”

So, for Mother’s Day — or any day — Mom, escape to your Bullfrog Spa.

Note: Regular sanitizing is being done to all our showroom spa surfaces and our showroom areas. Until the lock down is over, most of our sale process is being done via phone and the internet. We see clients by appointment only.