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A pre-COVID Brides magazine article, “… Romantic Outdoor Hot Tubs for Your Winter Honeymoon” showcased some truly gorgeous — and steamy — locations around the world.

But after nearly a year of social distancing, many don’t want to postpone big plans for wedded bliss any longer. 

A Dunkin' Love Story

A Dunkin’ Love Story


So much so, that for Valentine’s Day 2021, the company that ‘America runs on’ is experimenting with letting a winning couple either renew their vows or get married at one of their Dunkin’ Donut’s drive-through lanes.

(Note: Sorry, the deadline for applying was Jan. 30. But you get the idea.)

People desperately want to move on with their lives and are looking for ways to take the plunge.

So, why not turn your home spa into your own honeymoon-resort?




Zoom Weddings Are Now Legal!

Before you get to enjoy the honeymoon, you have to first tie the knot. Did you know that some states, including New York, now recognize virtual ceremonies — and even permit applying for a marriage license online? 

Governor Cuomo Twitter Post

Governor Cuomo Twitter Post

Governor Cuomo of New York wrote on Twitter: 

“NEW: I am issuing an Executive Order allowing New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely and allowing clerks to perform ceremonies via video conference.”

It is a temporary provision, but it’s on the books now.



For ideas on how to invite guests, and how to give guests a great virtual experience, check out Martha Stewart’s ideas here.  



Now, For That Hot-Tub-Honeymoon!


Best Hot Tubs Showroom Today

Best Hot Tubs Showroom Today


1. The Hot Tub

The most important thing to address, of course, is the hot tub.

If you do not already own one, you may be delighted to learn that Best Hot Tubs showrooms are well stocked with hot tubs: Strong Spas, Aspen Spas, Bullfrog Spas, and other models.




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Clean Hot Tub Water

Clean Hot Tub Water

2.  Clean Water

Pristine water is essential. No one feels romantic if they’re worried about what’s in the water.

If your hot tub needs fresh chemicals or other maintenance, and you don’t wish to do it yourself,  contact our teams at www.weeklyhottubservice.com.




Rose Petals Add to Romance

Rose Petals Add to Romance

3.  Rose Petals and Candles

One sense worth arousing on your hot-tub-honeymoon is smell. Scent candles and fragrant rose petals will really allow your soul-mate to relax.

Tip: The petals will be more enticing with the hot tub jets off, so consider that when adding them to the water. Floating scented candles are also a nice touch, but some may prefer the romance of flickering lights surrounding the hot tub.



Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

4. Additional Lighting

In addition to fragrant candles, consider adding tea lights, or a small lights strung along a shrub or tree. 

For something bolder, how about some Chinese lanterns. These colorfully illuminated lights add drama. In China, the Chinese Lantern Festival, which they feel is sort of a Chinese Valentine’s Day, is when young people go out to celebrate and hopefully meet a potential romantic partner.





5.  Romantic Finger Foods for Two

If you want to keep an Asian flare to your hot-tub-honeymoon, one finger food that’s easy to eat in a hot tub is Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Or if you prefer Italian, bruschetta is a yummy idea. Bite-size fruits like strawberries, cherries and grapes are refreshingly sweet. And, don’t forget a plate of chilled oysters on the half-shell. 

For more ideas on a special romantic hot tub date, check out our previous blog here.