Here's to rejuvenating love

Here’s to rejuvenating love

Valentine’s Day is a good time to remember that there’s nothing like love to make us feel fresh and new again.

Consider the amazing life of the romantic poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Reportedly on her death bed, sick with an incurable illness, Elizabeth Barrett meets Robert Browning. They fall deeply in love, marry, she lives another 15 years, and writes an incredible body of poetry.

Now that’s rejuvenation.



Indian athlete, Vijender Singh

Indian athlete, Vijender Singh


Of course, rejuvenation comes in many forms. Lots of people experience it after regular spa use through hydrotherapy.

Athletes are one group that regularly takes to the healthful waters of a spa. The Indian athlete, Vijender Singh, for example, has been quoted saying: “I love going to the spa: it rejuvenates me and leaves me happy.”

Now, if you’d like to combine spa rejuvenation with that of love’s  — there’s no better time than for Valentine’s Day.

To make this promise all the sweeter, Best Hot Tubs is offering some deals you can really fall in love with.



Spa Deals and Discounts


Special deals in time for Valentine’s Day

Special deals in time for Valentine’s Day


Spa discounts and other terrific deals on many of our floor models can be taken advantage of in time for Valentine’s Day.

At Best Hot Tubs three showrooms (Farmingdale, Westbury, Windham, NY), we’re ready to help all you Valentines rejuvenate together in a Bullfrog Spa (or even a rental).



So, with that in mind, here’s some date-night tips:


# 1. Have really clean water: For a romantic date, you want really clean water. If you’ve been using your hot tub lately, consider shocking it the night before and, again, an hour before the romantic date.


Spa Seating Areas

Spa Seating Areas


#2.  Set up a seating area near your hot tub so you can take breaks from the spa’s hot waters.

It is always a good idea to break after 10-15 minutes and do not have the temperature above 104 degrees. Keeping the water temperature at 102 should be comfortable and most soakers will not get overheated, but nonetheless, do break regularly.



Add Some Music

Add Some Music


#3. If your Valentine has a favorite radio station, connect a speaker near the hot tub and have that station on.

If it is one that accepts requests, contact the station ahead and ask for a favorite song dedicated to you both to air when you are in the hot tub. Or, have your iPod loaded with a few favorites.




Have Champagne After Spa

Have Champagne After Spa



#4. Once you are out of the hot tub for the night, that’s the perfect time for a glass of champagne.





Snowy Valentine's Day?

Snowy Valentine’s Day?


If there’s snow:  If need be, just before Valentine’s Day shovel a path to the hot tub. If you luck out and have no snow and a clear path, it might be helpful to clean the path of any debris that could be picked up by your feet and dirty the water.

Here’s to rejuvenation on Valentine’s Day!