During the pandemic, families are becoming very creative in finding ways to keep sane. One activity in particular — even before COVID — is family time in the hot tub.

Everyone together in family hot tub

Everyone together in family hot tub


Family time in your spa doesn’t necessarily mean everyone all at once.  

For parents on their own, it can be a restful escape. With the kids, parents have a chance to catch up on what they’ve been up to, or just play games with them.

For younger kids, spa-time is pretty much always play time (get ready to be splashed!).  For teens, it’s just cool — or in today’s vernacular, ‘dope’ or ‘goat.’ 

In all cases, the soothing warm water with massaging jets (neck, feet, back, etc.) is very welcome, and, yes, it most definitely helps keep you sane.




For years now, Best Hot Tubs has been helping families acquire their very own private pond of water — the backyard spa. Spas have become popular because they offer a special trifecta: they’re easy to install, easy to maintain, and cost-effective to run.


‼️ Great news. We not only have hot tubs in stock, in spa sizes that range from 3 to 7 people including some with loungers … but we can deliver it to your home with 7 days!

And more good news. You can order our Strong Spas from us over the phone!

Want even more? Well, our prices that start as low as $5,995 include delivery (within 30 miles)! ‼️




Star-Watching is Fun for Everyone

Star-Watching is Fun for Everyone



With so much time spent at home these days, hot tubbers have extra time to linger in their backyard spa. As the first stars appear in the evening, finding the Big and Little Dippers is a game children never tire of.  





Game Night

Waterproof Cards

Splash Cards

Another neat idea is a family game night in the hot tub.

One waterproof multi-game board, for example,  offers the ability to play checkers, chess and even backgammon in one neat set; and how about “splash cards”  for card playing, or a toss bean bag game board with LED lights.

Whatever board games the family likes most are probably available in waterproof versions.



Aromatherapy, etc.


Online Store Samplings

Best Hot Tubs Online Store Samplings


Fun is great, you might say, but what about pure relaxation. That’s what a spa is built for is the answer. Be it stress, tension, etc., there’s nothing quite like your spa’s relaxing massage jets.

And you can even add some aromatherapy to this experience. Indeed, we have some fragrances available at our online store.  We also have aqua fitness weights. You can visit our online store here.


So to all our clients, neighbors and friends — stay sane out there. 


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