A while back, Best Hot Tubs expanded our product lines to include Strong Spas. And being that we are offering some of our Strong Spas on sale, we thought it a good idea to highlight these quality hot tubs today.

Manufactured in the good ol’ USA — in Pennsylvania — all Strong’s portable hot tubs are built to last with materials that ensure they are energy-efficient.

To get a detailed close up view, here’s a video showing how Strong Spas are made, as well as some of their terrific features:



Strong’s Hot Tub Series

Strong has three series in its line, its “Premium,” “Summit,” and “Durasport” models. “These beauties are sleek and stylish,” says Best Hot Tubs’ Bill Renter. 

“The seating is ergonomically designed for great relaxation and superb rejuvenation.”

Along with eye-catching appeal and power and efficiency, here’s a few very special features you can ask our sales team about:


  1. Strong Air Controls

    Strong Air Controls

  2. LED AIR CONTROLS.   Easy to use and instant satisfaction is the best way we can think of how to describe our LED Air Controls.





Strong’s Bluetooth

Strong’s Bluetooth


BLUETOOTH STEREO.   A marine-grade sound system with subwoofer and 2 topside speakers in the shell. Play what you want, how you want.






Strong’s Water Columns

Strong’s Water Columns

LED WATER COLUMNS. There’s just something relaxing about watching our LED Water Column Shooter. You’ll just have to trust us on this one.







Softtouch Pillows

Softtouch Pillows


SOFTTOUCH PILLOWS. Contoured, comforting, responsive. Elegant, lighted SoftTouch pillows carry our seal and the weight of your daily stress





And let’s not forget Strong Spas renowned covers:


DuraShield Cover

DuraShield Cover


Strong has innovated an amazingly strong cover called DURA-SHIELD, These HardCover spa covers are the best in its class for durability. 

“Using patented technology,” says Bill, “the covers are molded hollow from durable resin, and filled with proprietary foam. Such a design protects the hot tubs against harsh environments while providing energy-saving heat retention.”

And despite such a substantial hard cover, they are easy to use. According to Strong Spas, “Our UltraStrong™ CoverLifter operates pretty much like opening a car door, except on a spa — it does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. With security, strength, and beauty, DURA-SHIELD requires very little maintenance and is built to last.”

(Note: Not all amenities shown here today will be available on the Strong Spas we have on sale. Check with each salesroom.)


Best Hot Tubs have Strong Spas available at our three showrooms.

We welcome you phone or to come in and check them out!

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