Hot Tub parties for kids is a growing popular theme.

Children love a hot tub’s warm bubbling water at any time, and especially with their friends joining them. As the weather cools in late summer and early fall, and pools are being closed down, the weather is ideal for hot tub children’s parties.


Tips for Hosting Hot Tub Children’s Parties


Special Guests

Capture Moments With Special Guests

Capture Moments With Special Guests



You might have your smartphone ready to film special moments with the party celebrant — your child — and, say, their grandparents. It is a wonderful take home gift for them to treasure.

Or, in the case where they couldn’t attend, if you film special moments just for them, they’ll appreciate your sending it to them. 





Age-Appropriate Themes

Theme-Related Cakes

Theme-Related Cakes

For a special children’s event, say for a birthday, consider an age-appropriate theme such as:


–“pretty in pink splash party”

–or “beach party.”


And a hot tub cake with dolls adds a nice touch to a preteen young lady’s event.

There are loads of cake ideas like this one on Pinterest.


Health-Conscious Ideas

Fruit Is Always Welcome

Fruit Is Always Welcome

Since families are becoming more and more health conscious, it’s also a good idea to consider serving fruit or a vegetable tray with perhaps some great dips.

Smoothies can also be fun, especially when the children choose their own fruit for the blender.

Keep lots of water or plain juice around, too, to keep the children hydrated during/after stints in the hot tub.

Like all parties, it’s helpful to have a few trash cans around and a washing station for sticky hands and fingers after they’ve eaten birthday cake etc. For other occasions than a birthday, you may decide on s’mores as “the” treat.

In that case, a fire pit or fire table is great for roasting the marshmallows.


Age Appropriate Games

Fun Games

Fun Games


You can plan some age-appropriate games, ranging from hopscotch, to table tennis, a scavenger hunt, or a piсata.

If you think excited kids swinging at a piсata isn’t a great idea, there are also pull-string ones available at party stores.

And, if you would like to make your own piсata, WikiHow has instructions.



After the Hot Tub

One theme we’ve spotted recently is creating a special event to follow the hot tub get-together. In the following video, the family created special individual  teepees for an after hot tub slumber party. It’s a bit elaborate, with each guest assigned their own bed and a tray of welcome gifts. But it could be adjusted to more simpler materials and still maintain the fun.


Children’s Safety is Key

Family Fun Should Be Safe

Family Fun Should Be Safe




When children are using the hot tub, supervision is essential. In particular, monitor the time the children spend in the spa. An adult or two may even want to join them, particularly if some of the children are very young.






Keep Watch Over Spa Water Temperature

Keep Watch Over Spa Water Temperature


Also monitor the spa water temperature for children over 5. Children under 5 should not be in a hot tub, unless the water has not been heated. It is always important to check your spa manufacturer’s guidelines as they relate to hot tub/spa use by children to be certain.




One final note:

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