Don’t know much about algebra? That’s just fine. Because the only equation we’re working with today is: What do you add together for a fun summertime bash?


# 1 Let’s start with the H2O

“According to major hot tub industry studies, socially motivated buyers make up a large percentage of hot tub purchasers. People are drawn to hot water and great times, it’s a simple fact,” says a Bullfrog Spa blog.

But, you might ask, with summer sun beating down, wouldn’t a hot tub be the last place you’d turn for summer fun? Well, one way to beat the heat is to simply reduce the spa’s water temperature to anywhere between 94 and 99 degrees. Despite the relative warmth of the water, setting it close to your body temperature will still feel comfortable, and with the massage jets (like Bullfrog’s JetPaks), immediately, very relaxing.


Pristine Hot Tub Water

Pristine Hot Tub Water


Of course, before any party, you’ll want to make sure your hot tub is really clean. If you haven’t used your hot tub in a little while, for pristine clear water give the water a quick shock the day before your party, and again, just before the guests arrive. That is also a good time to add some spa scents.



Once you have your hot tub water clean and set to a cooler temperature, the fun begins. There’s something about water massage therapy that relaxes and helps get everyone in a playful mood.


# 2 If you are fortunate enough to have both a pool and a hot tub, you can invite more people. Taking turns doing cannonballs into the pool, etc. and relaxing in the hot tub’s soothing waters keeps everyone’s energy up and the mood bubbly. Plus, as the hot tub will be a little bit warmer than the pool, once partiers get chilled from pool time, they can warm up in the hot tub. This is especially helpful once the sun goes down and evening temperatures set in.



# 3


For the pool: Have some flotation devices or beach balls handy along with some goggles and maybe flippers. Caution: high energy and lots of laughs makes it easy to get distracted, so be sure there are life jackets. Maybe schedule different people to keep an eye out — especially around the pool.


Catchin’ Rays

You’d think nothing has to be done to catch the suns rays, but it’s a good idea to have a few spare swimsuits in case someone forgets theirs, lots of clean fluffy towels and lots of sunblock.

Food and Drinks

# 4 According to some hot tub manufacturers, time spent in warm water will decrease appetite. How’s that for a benefit? So it might not be necessary to have overly stuffed food platters. Instead, have on hand easy-to-eat appetizers or finger foods—something that’s easy to hold while sitting in the spa.

When in the hot tub, it’s also great to keep hydrated. But stay off the alcohol and stick to fruit juices and soft drinks at least while in warm water. Just set up a comfortable seating area near the spa for relaxing after, which is the perfect spot for that summer cocktail.


Speaking of summer cocktails, here’s two cool summer drinks that will be a hit at any party. Note the heads up re mixing lime and the sun’s rays!

Heads Up to all you Daiquiri and Margarita lovers. Believe it or not, when entertaining/making refreshing drinks in the sun, you should opt for “bottled” lime juice, if you can’t find some already-fresh-squeezed. The key is not to cut up fresh limes while spending time in the sun.

Why? According to a very recent post on, sunshine and lime juice can cause “phytophotodermatitis” or a severe burn on your skin. It looks like a serious matter, so check out the article if you were planning lime-based drinks for your summer bash.


# 5

# 6