Have you been wondering if a portable hot tub is right for you, and would you use it if you had it? We suspect that once you’ve immersed yourself into a Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak seat and let the pulsating warm water massage your back, neck, legs, feet, that there would be any question at all if you’d use it. But here’s some things to consider before you take that “wet test” (which you can do at any of our showrooms: Farmingdale and Westbury, Long Island and Windham, NY).

In addition to relaxing and de-stressing, hot tubs, like a pool, are an outdoor attraction that invites you into the daytime air as well as under the stars at night. But to make the hot tub the full outdoor getaway that it can be, Best Hot Tubs experts have learned that it may take a little interview with clients to determine what their needs are and how they will use it best.

Spa Basics

Spas are similar in many ways to pools, but with fantastic differences. The hot tubs we specialize in —Bullfrog Spas — boast patented hydro jets (JetPaks) that pulsate gentle or powerful streams of water on both sides of the unit to calm the rawest nerves or aching muscles. Pool water temperature is usually maintained at about 79 to 82 degrees F., but a hot tub gets tuned up to a higher temperature to warm body and soul and to increase the effectiveness of the spa’s hydrotherapy.

Why Bullfrog Spas? Well, simply, we believe them to be the best hot tubs available. They come in many sizes and configurations, and their largest spa can