Although eager for the many benefits of a portable spa — hydrotherapy, family togetherness, stress-reduction, low-impact exercising, etc. — new visitors to Best Hot Tubs’ showrooms are often concerned that a hot tub will be difficult to maintain.


Photo: Bullfrog Spas

Photo: Bullfrog Spas

However, once they visit our showrooms, visitors quickly see close up that it’s not hard at all to keep a hot tub. Indeed, the design of the spas we specialize in — Bullfrog Spas — includes superb water circulating jets that turn over all the spa water to help maintain it.

That said, there is some monthly, seasonal, and regular care required. But none of it is very difficult.


Regular Maintenance

Like in a swimming pool, the regular use of chemicals is essential for pristine water. However, today’s modern hot tubs, in particular Bullfrog Spas, are so efficiently designed, this ongoing process can be done in a few minutes. In fact, here’s a video with Best Hot Tubs owner, Bill Renter, demonstrating just how easy it is.

“Don’t forget that if you’d like to watch this being done first-hand, where you can ask questions of an expert, our showrooms’ staff is always happy to give a demonstration,” says Jan Whitely of Best Hot Tubs’ Windham, NY showroom.

Seasonal Maintenance

Hot tub filters should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks, or as needed. It’s also recommended that you replace the filter cartridge(s) every 1-2 years. This, too, is a very easy process that does not require any expertise. You should also change your spa water every 1-4 months. This is the perfect time to clean the inside of your hot tub.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub Cover

Photo: Bullfrog Spas

Photo: Bullfrog Spas

Another key to clean hot tub water is keeping out debris. This is why Best Hot Tubs includes a durable hot tub cover with a cover lifter in all our hot tub packages. The cover lifter makes it easy to open and close it before and after each use. And if it’s easy, you’ll use it.

Take care of your hot tub cover by using a spa cover protectant which will help it hold up to the elements.



Keeping Hot Tubs Covered

Keeping Hot Tubs Covered:

Rain will affect the the pH balance of your hot tub, so do keep your cover on when not using the spa. But don’t worry too much if you’re having a hot tub party and the forecast is for rain. Just keep it covered until the event, then check the pH balance after the party and make any adjustment needed (see video above). Easy peasy!


Hot Tub Parties:

Hot Tub Parties:

You want clean water for any hot tub party. For pristine clear water, add a shock the day before the event, and again just before guests arrive. Just before they arrive is also the right time to add some spa scents, if you’re planning to.


Hot Tub Cover Lifters:

Hot Tub Cover Lifters:

This bar helps you do what the name implies: lift the cover — and in a matter of seconds. Let’s face it, if it’s easy to use, you’ll use it — and this makes it easy. It also will hold the cover up for extra privacy, not to mention it makes storing your cover the simplest of tasks.


insert-c So go ahead and relax. Because that’s really all there is to it.

In fact, recently, a lady came into our Windham, NY showroom saying she didn’t want a hot tub — because she feared it would be too challenging to maintain, says Jan Whitely.


“Once she saw how easy it was to take care of a Bullfrog Spa, she changed her mind and now wants one.”



(Note: at the end of the above video, Bill Renter references our old website/company name (Long Island Hot Tub. Today, we’re known as Best Hot Tubs and our website is: