If you’ve been wondering if a portable hot tub is right for you, and if you would use it if you had one, we have some thoughts on how you might answer that.


Bullfrog Spas: The Perfect Portable Hot Tub Experience

Bullfrog Spas: The Perfect Portable Hot Tub Experience

“Immersion in one of our Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak seats, letting the pulsating warm water massage one’s back, neck, legs, feet, usually answers any question at all as to whether you’d use it,” says our own Bill Renter.

“To make sure your choice of a hot tub becomes the full outdoor home getaway it can be, we know it takes a little interview with clients to determine what their needs are and how they will use it best,” he adds.

After the interview, clients end up with a spa perfect for them and their family — and is a hot tub that is used and enjoyed regularly.


Spa Basics 

Portable Bullfrog Spa Has Patented JetPaks

Portable Bullfrog Spa Has Patented JetPaks

Spas are similar in many ways to pools, but with fantastic differences. The hot tubs we specialize in —Bullfrog Spas — boast patented hydro jets (JetPaks) that pulsate gentle or powerful streams of water on both sides of the unit to calm the rawest nerves or aching muscles. 

Why Bullfrog Spas? Very simply, we believe them to be the best hot tubs available. They come in many sizes and configurations, and their largest spa can accommodate up to nine people. 

There is a wide selection of interior colors and exterior finishes, lighting options, etc. Plus, Bullfrog Spas can be installed almost anywhere, can sit on a surface including a deck or patio, be recessed in a deck, installed flush level on a patio or given a custom “in-garden” appearance such as one of our Bullfrog’s installed here. 

In addition, Bullfrog Spas are environmentally friendly because of how energy-efficient they are. They can also be installed inside.


Adjusting Spa Water Temperature

Adjusting Spa Water Temperature


Pool water temperature is usually maintained at about 79 to 82 degrees F., but a hot tub gets tuned up to a higher temperature to warm body and soul and to increase the effectiveness of the spa’s hydrotherapy.

That said, it can also be lowered in summer or turned off entirely allowing the spa’s cool water to be set for a purely recreational experience for you and your family.




Some Patience Required During COVID 19

Best Hot Tub Showroom (Westbury/NY)

Best Hot Tub Showroom (Westbury/NY)

During COVID 19, while Best Hot Tubs has remained open, it’s been in a different way. It is very rare these days that should you drop by one of our three showrooms (Farmingdale and Westbury, Long Island or Windham, NY) that you will find it open without having made a prior appointment. 

Best Hot Tubs has not been operating at full staff due to health/safety requirements and, simultaneously, because a quality hot tub during such times is an easy-to-set-up water feature for families, there has been very strong demand for our services by potential new clients.

Those two issues together have created a challenge to meet all this demand quickly.

Therefore, to our potential buyers who contact us, we beg your patience. We do get back to everyone, but sometimes it just takes a little longer than usual.

The Good News

We are doing as much of the initial information gathering as possible by phone or Skype rather than in-person chats.

Then, those who make appointments can come to our showroom for a scheduled consultation — and even take a “wet test” — to be absolutely sure a portable hot tub is right for them.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, and perhaps schedule an appointment:


email: info@besthottubs.com

By phone:

Farmingdale/Keith McPartland:  917-716-7656

Windham/Jack Desposito: 646 866-3030

Westbury/Bob Bernstein : 516-429-3439