Making Father's Day Special

Making Father’s Day Special


Looking to get your hot tub-loving Dad something cool for Father’s Day? We have some ideas today.

While we’ve not tested any of the following accessories ourselves, we curated this group of fun ideas by checking what reviewers have said and by how much we think dads will enjoy them.

Each one could make a real splash as a Father’s Day gift (June 21st).



1. Misting System 

MistyMate Nozzle Cool Patio Misting System

MistyMate Nozzle Cool Patio Misting System

Since intense summer heat will soon be upon us, one neat gift will help keep Dad cool. True, he can turn down the spa water temperature for summer use, but ideal jet massages use hot water.

And even if Dad does reduce the spa’s water temperature, MistyMate will cool the upper part of his body that is not immersed in the cool hot tub water.

The MistyMate Nozzle Cool Patio Misting System (shown here) comes pre-assembled and the manufacturer says it “delivers a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist.” Here’s to keeping cool while hot tubbing!



2. Spabrellas

CoverValet Spa Side Umbrella

CoverValet Spa Side Umbrella

Speaking of Dad staying cool. Spabrellas come in a variety of styles and colors and will not only keep him cooler in the summer heat, but these umbrellas will fend off rain and snow as well. 

There are a wide variety of spabrellas available on the internet. The Cover Valet Spa Side Umbrella shown here allows for an adjustable angle tilt which is helpful as the sun moves across the sky. Tip: In order to be sure it will work with your particular spa’s shape, a good idea is to choose a spabrella that has an under mount design.

Of course, if you have a Bullfrog Spa, and we (ahem) hope you do, you can always check with our showroom staff in Westbury, Farmingdale and Windham, NY, for helpful ideas (see below for contact info).



3. Floating Book/Tablet Caddy

AquaReader Book/Tablet Caddy

AquaReader Book/Tablet Caddy


Dad can enjoy reading books, magazines, or use his Tablet or eReader while in the hot tub (or pool).

This means no more wet books etc. while enjoying a soak.

It’s also ergonomic. He can rest his hands comfortably on the board while reading. 




4. Smartphone Waterproof Pouch

New Wave Phone Case — Universal Dry Pouch

New Wave Phone Case — Universal Dry Pouch


While we believe, in order to have a truly restful escape in the hot tub, it’s a great idea to leave your phone behind, we know sometimes that’s not practical.

The manufacturer of this phone case says it will accommodate any smartphone and is even touch screen responsive — so no need to remove it from its waterproof case. Dad can check emails, text messages, and even answer calls. 

There’ll also be enough room in it for cash, keys, credit cards, mobile speaker. So shhh … now don’t tell him … but you can even go beg Dad for some money while he’s in the hot tub. He’ll probably have some nearby if he’s got this waterproof pouch.




5. Floating Flamingo Beverage Cooler

BigMouth Beverage Cooler

BigMouth Beverage Cooler


This large floating beverage cooler will keep 5 drinks cool on its outer rim. It also has a built-in ice chest under the top. Is great for party cups, cans and bottles and it’s easy to clean.

Dad may not need 5 drinks going at once but he can put anything in the cups. A stylus for his phone, ear plugs, candy. 




6. Freestanding Portable Outdoor Towel Tree

Milliard Portable Outdoor Towel Tree

Milliard Portable Outdoor Towel Tree


This is a stylish towel valet that Dad will love. It boasts a stable base when filled with hot water.

The extra water weight means it won’t blow over during big winds or rain. And the arms can be configured to suit the length requirements of towels or robe. 

With this towel tree you can give Dad a neat and organized spa area. And he’ll feel pampered.




For questions about hot tubs or how these accessories might work with your Bullfrog Spas, contact:




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