Turning Backyard Disaster Into Beautiful Opportunity

A couple who hail from the bucolic neighborhood Hastings-On-Hudson, NY, had long been wanting a particular backyard water feature — a hot tub. But they hadn’t decided where to position it on their property. Then an answer, you might say, one day just dropped o them.  “In our backyard patio area we had an [...]

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Memorial Weekend — Everyone into the ‘Hot Tub’

As Memorial weekend approaches, many are thinking about how best to enjoy the warmer months. Some might feel a fun summer requires a pool. But we’re here to say: Maybe not. A less expensive and simpler to install portable hot tub might just be your answer. Water Temperature Thermometer If you’ve never had [...]

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Vacation Rentals with Hot Tubs: Getting Ready in Westhampton, NY

New York’s famous ‘Hamptons’ and other Long Island playgrounds are opening to vacationers. Beachfront and pool-side homes as well as local businesses are hectically getting ready for the onslaught of summer visitors. One Westhampton couple when preparing for the summer rush purchased a home to operate as a rental until they retire. The home can [...]

DIY Set-in-garden Hot Tub Installation

Hot Tub Patio Spring has spring and it’s time to brighten up our outdoor living spaces. One frequently used spot may be your hot tub. And there’s no reason you can’t provide that space with a set-in-garden appeal. The photos we’re sharing today are those of a Best Hot Tubs client. As you [...]

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Hot Tubs: A Cure For End-of-Winter-Blues

Many are still praying that our kids will soon be back in school, full-time. COVID ins’t over and it’s been a long snowy winter. But the days are getting longer, which is cheery. And we’re all ready to get outdoors and cure those end-of-winter blues — even though spring has not yet sprung. So. Can [...]

Date-Night Tips for a Special Valentine’s Day

    True Valentines Valentine’s Day is a good time to remember that there’s nothing like love to make us feel fresh and new again. Indeed, whatever the weather, there’s no stopping true Valentines; they’re going to make a special day of it. Whenever possible, that includes a togetherness-soak in a steamy hot tub. [...]

Treat Yourself to Sea Cruise Experiences at Home

The Cruise Life If you’re wondering if sea cruise aficionados are really as passionate about their travels as some say, there’s been speculation in People magazine that singer/songwriter Ed Sheehan recently named his baby girl, Lyra Antarctica, after a special voyage he enjoyed with his wife.  And according to other reports, naming your [...]

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As Pools Close, Hot Tub Season Kicks Into High Gear

    “Those purchasing a Bullfrog Spa between August 24 to September 7th from one of Best Hot Tubs’ showrooms (Windham, Farmingdale, Westbury), along with our continued deep discounts on our Bullfrog Spas, will get an entire first year of @ease chemicals on us!”       Your Personal Hot Tub Not everyone [...]

Bullfrog’s R Series: Customized Spa Experience at a Moderate Price

During the pandemic, families have been searching for ways to make life at home an experience — something beyond the routine. A family-hot tub has become one such lifestyle upgrade.  Indeed. Ideal for individual quiet moments, as well as fun for the whole family, many have found it to be just what the doctor ordered, [...]

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