On July 4th — only a bit more than a week away —  lots of us will be raising, hoisting, planting and waiving Old Glory in honor of Independence Day.  Many will even be doing this maskless!

Such celebrations can’t help but remind us all of the many things we love about this country. 

Bullfrog Spas A7, E. Hampton, NY

Bullfrog Spas A7, E. Hampton, NY

“We thought about this not too long ago when one of our spas was installed in E. Hampton, NY,” says our own Bill Renter.

“After the job was finished, the clients planted the flag right beside it. Their raising of the Stars and Stripes reminded us of the enormous pride our Best Hot Tubs’ team has in our products and the American quality and the craftsmanship they represent. Our Strong Spas, for example, are made in Northumberland, PA, our Bullfrog Spas in Salt Lake City, UT, and our Aspen Spas are made in St. Louis, MO.”


Saluting Long Island, NY, Craftspersons

Speaking of superb craftsmanship! 

Our new E. Hampton clients had an older hot tub that had to be replaced. 

“Their previous spa had been serviced by Proper pH Pools of E. Hampton for years, but it could no longer be repaired.”

Previous Spa Installation (Photo: Courtesy of Proper pH Pools/E. Hampton)

Previous Spa Installation (Photo: Courtesy of Proper pH Pools/E. Hampton)

When the original spa (right) had been installed, its position in-ground caused drainage problems. Every time it rained, says Bill, the spa’s interior would be flooded and the hot tub would stop working. 

To fix it, Proper pH techs had to crawl under the deck to get at the equipment.

“Bob Barzilay of Proper pH told the clients the hot tub was just too damaged to continue fixing it,” says Bill. “It seemed far more economical to get a new hot tub rather than continually fix the old one.”

The clients agreed and Proper pH Pools removed the old hot tub and took out most of the decking around it and reframed it. They also built a raised gravel surround, using railroad ties to create a sand-box-like area that they filled with gravel. 

“Speaking of a high standard of craftsmanship, Proper pH Pools made room for the new spa in same spot as the old hot tub, only it is now lifted above existing grade,” says Bill. “This allows for proper draining and water won’t pool around the new spa like it used to.”

New Raised Bullfrog Spa

New Raised Bullfrog Spa

They also cleverly solved the access problem created in the earlier installation by putting in a removable panel made out of decking which is easy to take out for a service person to get at it.

“With the deck-matching access panel, it is so well done you can’t tell it’s there.”

Once the pool company had framed it out and added the gravel, Best Hot Tubs delivered the new spa, then Proper pH Pools finished the carpentry around it. 

The Spa

Close Up of Newly Installed Spa

Close Up of Newly Installed Spa

The portable hot tub they chose was a handsome, full-featured, mid-size spa that has the feel of being much bigger than it is. But its size allowed for it to fit perfectly where the old hot tub had been. This is because no space is wasted in the design.

“These clients maintain a lovely landscaped backyard with a pool and handsome deck. The new spa and installation blends perfectly with what they have.”

This hot tub can seat up to 8 and boasts dual premium corner captain’s chairs — each with wrist, hip, calf and foot jets — a waterfall, as well as 5 massage of their choice. Like all the spas we carry, it is well-made in the USA, durable and environmentally-friendly, which means, says Bill, they’ll get lots of use and enjoyment over the years.

“Plus, the spa is so well installed. We found Proper pH Pools the most professional company we’ve ever worked with. They do things the right way and are superb with planning and communicating.”

Naturally, we were grateful to learn that Proper pH Pools feels the same way about working with us.

“Working with Best Hot Tubs was fantastic,” says Ursula Kristofich, Chief of Operations at Proper pH Pools. “It was a breeze to coordinate with them the scheduling, organization and installation of the hot tub so we could provide our client with the best possible experience.”


So this July 4th, here’s to American craftsmanship.

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