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Portable hot tub installations to not have to be hard. To install a spa, all you really need is a firm patch of earth that has been prepped to allow proper drainage. This is more than sufficient to enjoy the outdoors in your new amazing backyard water feature.

However, with very little effort, you can add a little style to your installation, providing a very attractive outdoor escape to all those warm bubbly soaks.

For ideas as to how to add a bit of style, the owner of Best Hot Tubs — Bill Renter — has some great ideas. He previously owned a design/build firm and has done a wide range of customized hot tub installations, so he really knows how to make a hot tub look great.

Here are some of his helpful tips on creating an “easy peasy” outdoor escape.


Existing Patio or Deck


Simplest Hot Tub Installation

Simplest Hot Tub Installation

1. Easy Peasy Installation

If you have an existing deck or patio, your new portable spa can easily be set right next to it — if the elevation of your property allows. No special custom work is required.

Just set the spa on a firm, solid, flat surface (cement is most common), but also synthetic concrete, pea gravel, pavers, railroad ties or other options.

Most homes offer multiple sites where a spa may be installed.



lightly More Special Deck Installation

lightly More Special Deck Installation

2. If you don’t want to just place the hot tub next to your existing deck, you can, for example, have a piece of the deck cut out and then nestle the spa into it. 

Also, you can achieve a seamless feeling to it all, by choosing a hot tub base that matches the decking materials. (Note: Our sales team is happy to help you choose a matching hot tub base.)




Easy Peasy Patio Installation

Easy Peasy Patio Installation



3. Existing Patio

It can be just as easy to position a hot tub into an existing patio as it would be to cut a small section from a deck. Simply remove a few patio pavers as in this photo.

These clients chose a hot tub base that harmonized with a key element of their backyard: the patio pavers.





New Hot Tub Deck


Elegant Hot Tub Deck

Elegant Hot Tub Deck

4.  When remodeling, these clients and their contractor did a great job designing/installing a raised spot for the spa they got from Best Hot Tubs. Handsome steps up to the spa, flanked by fresh pots of flowers add to the hot tub experience.

Again, note how the base of the hot tub was a perfect choice to harmonize with both the stain on the deck and step caps. Plus the white accents on the stairs and railing nicely pick up the interior of the spa interior. Elegant for sure.


TIP! A hot tub on its own is just fine. But if you’re going to get more sophisticated, be sure that your hot tub is installed in a way that allows easy access to the spa’s equipment. 

That said, making it appear very special can be easy peasy!