If it wasn’t clear already that hot tubs and fun go together like jungle and gym, and splish and splash, then this news out of Japan should settle the matter. 

According to Travel + Leisure and other sources, Japan’s Beppu City — a town already known for its hot springs — will soon open a “one-of-a-kind attraction” — a hot tub theme park.

Rides include a ferris wheel, rollercoaster, and carousel, as well as a “flying hot tub machine” — all fitted with hot tub seats. These attractions will operate in and around other “large bathing pools and gaming steam rooms,” says the city’s mayor.

In an attempt to raise private as well as public funds, the mayor promised that if their crowd-funding online video announcement ever reached 1million views, construction on the park would begin. The video (see immediately below) quickly reached that benchmark. As of this writing, the video has actually attracted close to 3.5 million views on YouTube.



True to their word, according to the British news organization, The Sun, the Japanese theme park is scheduled to launch this summer, with an opening date of July 29. 

Visitors to Hot Tub Theme Park

Visitors to Hot Tub Theme Park

Interestingly, The Sun article referred to part of the crowd-funding video as: a “bizarre” image of park visitors “walking around in swimming suits and towels” before enjoying the rides and attractions.     

Actually, Best Hot Tubs thinks there’s nothing bizarre about this. Public communal bathing is part of Japan’s rich history and modern culture, as is regular visits to hot springs resorts where they also enjoy communal soaking.  

In fact, being comfortable and relaxed with others while in bath-wear is part of today’s universal spa/hot tub culture. And while we haven’t heard of any hot tub parties in our area where the guests are showing up already dressed in bathing suits and towels, we can easily imagine that happening. For sure, much of a hot tub party is spent in such apparel. 

And there are a great many theme hot tub parties going on everywhere. This blog has been showcasing all sorts of hot tub get-togethers for several years, including such fun themes as:





#2. New Year’s Eve Hot Tub Parties

#2. New Year’s Eve Hot Tub Parties.  (Note: When we did the blog on this topic, Best Hot Tubs was known as Long Island Hot Tub. Since our expansion, we are now called Best Hot Tubs!)






As hot tubbers, we feel strolling around in towels and bathing suits is simply part of the hot tub way of life. Anywhere there is a hot tub, it is fun-central. We salute Japan’s hot tub ‘spamusement’ park. Bonzai!