One very popular hot tub accessory is the privacy screen. That’s because hot tubbing isn’t always like swimming, when well-suited bodies in bikinis proudly dive in. 

The fact is, when we most need a hot tub, we’re often not camera ready, because hot tubbing is a time for rejuvenation when backs may be aching. Sometimes we’re exhausted and can’t sleep; we want the warm soak to help with that. Other times we simply want private time with friends.

During any of these moments, the only ones we want having a bird’s-eye-view is the birds.

Adding a Privacy Screen

When Best Hot Tubs installs a hot tub, clients often choose a location that’s already fairly private, or exposed to neighbors only in one or two directions. That makes creating a privacy screen easier. Other times, clients don’t mind one bit making an effort and want something that’s more than a screen — they want a piece of art. 

So here’s to the many ways you can keep your bad hair day between you, your hot tub and the birds.

# 1 

With most of their property edged by woodlands, when these clients added a portable hot tub, they wanted it as elegant as their new patio and upgraded pool. Best Hot Tubs collaborated with an experienced team to build a stone surround for the hot tub so it would look like a custom in-ground spa. 

This matching accent/privacy wall included a fire bowl fountain — making it appear as if it had been there all along. The fire blow spills water into the spa, which in turn spills water out from its surround into the pool. 

# 2

These clients thought they’d never be able to have a water feature in their yard. Living very close to their neighbors and having a small narrow property, the idea that won them over was to build a two-level Trex deck that had a mount for their new Bullfrog Spa fitted into it.

Bill Renter, the owner of Best Hot Tubs, had his own landscaping design/build firm for many years and knew how to advise his clients throughout the process.

Renter helped the clients get the privacy they needed for their raised hot tub. “We advised they have several 9-and-10-foot Leyland Cypress trees planted along the fence,” says Renter. “These trees grow quickly; if left untrimmed, they will close the gaps between them in one growing season.”


# 3

Again, these clients lived close to their neighbors — but only on one side. 

When building their multi-level deck, they designed the mid-level section of it for the hot tub.

Just opening the hot tub cover provides most of the privacy they require.


# 4

This is another good idea. 

These homeowners wanted a pergola for its beauty and architectural interest.

We helped them design a roll-down privacy shade which was built into the pergola. 


# 5

Even people who live in more rural areas find that a small privacy screen is helpful. 

In this case the owners of the hot tub went as natural as their surroundings with a simple DIY wood frame made of loose tree limbs that matched their spa case.

Easy peasy.


# 6

For these Best Hot Tubs clients we positioned the hot tub in a patio that was designed to accommodate it. 

Note how plants, shrubs and trees provide all the privacy they need. 

When there’s no foliage, they can always use their hot tub cover.





# 7

And what about when there’s no wall, foliage and the cover won’t provide all the privacy you need? 

Well, sometimes Mother Nature does her own thing. 

You didn’t know that a pile of snow could be your friend, did you?