One very popular hot tub accessory is the privacy screen. That’s because hot tubbing isn’t always like swimming, when well-suited bodies in bikinis proudly dive in. 

The fact is, when we most need a hot tub, we’re often not camera ready, because hot tubbing is a time for rejuvenation when backs may be aching. Sometimes we’re exhausted and can’t sleep; we want the warm soak to help with that. Other times we simply want private time with friends.

During any of these moments, the only ones we want having a bird’s-eye-view is the birds.

Adding a Privacy Screen

When Best Hot Tubs installs a hot tub, clients often choose a location that’s already fairly private, or exposed to neighbors only in one or two directions. That makes creating a privacy screen easier. Other times, clients don’t mind one bit making an effort and want something that’s more than a