It seems that some hot tubs, no matter how dutifully owners check the pH balance, add shock treatments, and even empty and scrub down the interior, the hot tub water no longer stays crystal clear. Also, it is important to note, that hot tub water may sometimes seem clean and clear, when undesirable contaminants have been building up unseen.

The fact is, after prolonged regular spa use, dirt and other pollutants build up in a hidden spot — the hot tub’s plumbing. Yes, even in Bullfrog Spas which boast 90 percent less of this equipment. 

“The problem with this type of build up,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs, “is the pollutants that pass through and collect in the pipes get trapped there by organic scum that shields it from the bromine and chlorine sanitizers we use to clean the water in the spas. This means that even though we use chemicals to keep the water clean, the insides, or guts, of the hot tub are not getting cleaned out of undesirable contaminants. This can eventually cause problems for hot tub users.” 

The good news, he explains, is there is a new water care system that reaches these hidden problems. It’s a hot tub cleanse that works from the inside out. It’s called “Hot Tub Serum – Total Clean WaterCare System,” and it does an extraordinary job.

This is a two part cleansing system: the first part purges and removes unwanted organic matter that has built up in the pipes; the second part of the treatment is a liquid maintenance product used to reduce the reoccurrence of organic build up.

How This Cleaning Process Works:

Serum Water Care Purge at Work

Serum Water Care Purge at Work

The purging gel is used at a regular water change. Adding the gel purges out of the plumbing all the unwanted organic matter.

Then, it is easy to drain the water and wipe the interior clean, removing all the organic matter residue with a sponge and hose. Once it is cleaned, then refill the tub with fresh water and reset pH levels. 

Extra Tip:

Some who have used this product suggest that when refilling the hot tub, it’s wise to put a filter on the hose — or at a minimum let the hose run water for a bit so as to spill off any minerals or contaminants that have built up in the hose.

“People do not realize that a hose that lies on the ground all summer will develop a biofilm and bacteria just like a hot tub,” says the owner of the hot tub serum system, Mark Henderson. “We suggest having a clean separate hose that is kept dry indoors and used only to fill the tub.” 

Bill Renter adds that a purge should be done every six months to remove any new build up of the biofilm. “Plus, the regular use of this systems serum liquid as well as adjustments of bromines and chlorine are still required.”

Henderson agrees. “Part one alone of our treatment system will not stop the reemergence of the unwanted organic build up. Using the maintenance part of our Serum and keeping a correct pH balance are also key.”

But the result of this using the Hot Tub Serum system, coupled with regular water testing and pH adjustments, will provide a cleaner and safer hot tub to truly relax in, says Renter. 

“I also learned recently from the manufacturer that this Serum has received EPA approval as a biocide. EPA approvals not only mean the product isn’t dangerous, but that it works just like it claims to. That is comforting to know.”


Clean Hot Tub Water:

Clean Hot Tub Water:

This Best Hot Tubs’ Bullfrog Spa has pristine water. However, we are now learning that to achieve truly clean hot tub water, it is essential to purge out contaminants in the spa’s plumbing. The following photo shows the results of a purge of pipes and plumbing after Part One of the Hot Tub Serum system was applied.



Hot Tub Serum System at Work:

Hot Tub Serum System at Work:

After applying Part One of the Hot Tub Serum system, organic matter that has built up unseen in the pipes is purged out. It is best to use the purge each time the hot tub is drained and cleaned.



Relaxing in a Hot Tub:

Relaxing in a Hot Tub:

You can really relax in a hot tub that not only has a properly maintained pH balance, but which has also been purged of any build up in the hot tub’s plumbing system. Photo: Bullfrog Spas


The following videos show the amazing effects of a purge using this Hot Tub Serum system: