So you have decided to get a hot tub. You know you’ll enjoy it. You may even have had one before. But quality items like this can be pricey. So what do savvy purchasers usually do? They go online and search out the best deals.

“It’s true that you may find a cheaper deal on the internet than at a hot tub showroom. It’s easy to promote a great deal if you never have any intentions of delivering it, or fixing it if need be, or accepting a return if there’s a real problem.”

A good example of what Bill is talking about took place a few years ago in San Francisco, when it required a local news station (ABC 7 News) to step in and publicly embarrass the seller into fulfilling a paid order for a $4,000 hot tub.

The Bay area couple had an older hot tub model and they wanted a newer one. The wife went online. The company she