Kids love the outdoors. And Earth Day (April 22nd) is a great time to unloose our own inner child as we consider the well being of the one earth we all share. It’s not that we should be guilted into giving up our vehicles and home comforts; instead, we can strive to make the best choices we can. 

Choosing wisely, however, is more than conscience-raising. It’s also practical. For energy consumption can be expensive. Best Hot Tubs is happy to say that the spas we offer —  Bullfrog Spas — are so energy efficient that relaxing in one can be without guilt, and with little electricity expense involved.

How Is That Possible?

Bullfrog Spas Plumbing

Bullfrog Spas Plumbing

Bullfrog Spas are constructed with 90 percent less plumbing than other hot tubs; data compiled by the US Energy Information Administration and the California Energy Commission show that Bullfrog Spas earned the most “energy-efficient” rating. 

“Bullfrog’s patented massage systems/seats — JetPaks — contain most of the required plumbing,” says Bill Renter, owner of Best Hot Tubs. “This means the unit itself isn’t loaded with extra plumbing in order to move the jet water. With less plumbing, there’s not nearly as much friction when it’s operating. Much less energy is used to move the water in and out of the jets.”

Personal reviews are often a good way to properly gauge value. Those interested can find feedback like the following review at Bullfrog Spas website:

“I have owned my Bullfrog R7 for a month now, using it 1 hour per day, with a temp of 102 and water cycles 4 hours a day. I was surprised to get my electric bill…only an $18 increase. Good job Bullfrog!”

—-Scott R. – Sacramento, CA

While energy prices can differ regionally and even locally, this is where local authorized dealers like Best Hot Tubs can be of great assistance, says Bill Renter.

“In addition to local costs, we are also experts in how local water supplies and climate might affect the chemistry of your spa water — not to mention that we have a working knowledge of local installation codes, etc.”

Bullfrog Spas Insulation

Bullfrog Spas Insulation

Bullfrog Spas are fitted inside with insulating foam which contains heat within the unit so that it’s not lost to the colder air outside.

“This feature of Bullfrog Spas helps save a good deal of money, too” says Renter. “The temperature gets quite cold here on Long Island, and up in Windham, NY, where we have showrooms. “We find, for example, that on Long Island, Bullfrog hot tubs cost only about $25.00 to operate, as opposed to $100 per month for other less-expensive spas.”


Bullfrog’s Hypnotic Rythmic Massage JetPak

Bullfrog’s Hypnotic Rythmic Massage JetPa



As we explained above, most of Bullfrog Spas’ plumbing is contained in its JetPak seats. “There are 16 different jet seats to choose from,” says Renter. “This particular Humpnotic Rythmic JetPak boasts 6 rotating dual-pulse jets that pulsate pressure to points on your back.”




When Life’s a Beach:

When Life’s a Beach:

Renter adds that people who love spas usually also love the outdoors and care about a healthy environment. “So whether the outdoor view you want to protect is a spectacular water vista or a simple hedgerow, if the knowledge that you’re not hurting the earth by hot tubbing doesn’t relax you, the JetPak massages sure will.”  Photo: Bullfrog Spas

So here’s to Earth Day — and our inner child!