There’s lots of ways to say thank you to Mom on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14th). But for something truly memorable, a spa getaway, set up right in her own home, is not that complicated to organize. To begin with, all that is needed is a bath tub.

Of course, if there happens to be a hot tub in the home (or there’s plans to rent one), the experience can be kicked up a notch. But either way, time alone bathing in hot bubbling water, with a few spa-quality luxury products at hand, will make it a day to remember.


Home-Spa Getaway Ideas



If you happen to have a Bullfrog Spa, you probably have on the outside of the tub a water-proof housing dock for devices such as iPods, iPhones and iPads. 

Failing that, you can connect your Mom’s favorite playlist via Bluetooth or another streaming service, or set up a portable music player near where near the bath.




Spa Facial Ingredients: 

Mom will also appreciate a tray of spa-like treats to set next to the bath.

Begin with a scented candle. And although it may seem to defy logic to include mud as a cleansing mask, it is a real treat. When the mud dries, it pulls out toxins and excess oils in the skin, leaving a truly clean skin. Some spa-quality brands say mud may even help with skin elasticity — and every mom will love that.

Since ancient times, rose water has been part of a skin regimen, so include some of that. Made from distilled water and rose petals, it is said to help regulate the skin’s pH level as it hydrates and rejuvenates. Be sure the rose water is made from distilled water to avoid any of the contaminants found in tap water. 


Staying Hydrated: 

Mom will want to stay hydrated, especially if she’s soaking in a hot tub. Consider adding to the tray some refreshing fruit-infused water, like raspberry or blueberry (both fruits are known antioxidants). They’re easy to make. Just use clear cold water studded with fresh berries, and add a few springs of mint.

Mom can also eat the berries when she feels like it, too.


Gyrossage JetPak

Ahhh…The Massage:

What would a spa getaway be without a massage. One option is to have a professional come and give Mom a proper back rub. But those fortunate to have a Bullfrog Spa, for example, are already set. All Mom needs to do is lean back against one of the tub’s JetPak massage Jets for a spectacular treat.

There are 16 to choose from, and in most Bullfrog models, these are easily interchangeable in seconds. One JetPak in particular might make the home spa-getaway a special treat: the “Gyrossage.” It will give Mom a “full-back rhythmic massage” and will feel like she’s at a fancy spa-resort.

That said, any JetPak massage is sure to help get Mom into a truly meditative state, fully relaxed, and as a bonus, ache-free. 



Clean Towels, etc:

In setting up the spa experience for Mom, consider including a terry cloth bathrobe and easy-on sandals. And of course, clean towels are a must. And if you have an artistic bent, it’s worth fussing a bit and folding one of her towels into, say, a swan.

After all, Mom will feel as serene and elegant as a swan after being pampered with a home-spa getaway on Mother’s Day.




Clean Hot Tub Water: 

One last preparation for Mother’s Day. If she’ll be enjoying her at home spa day in a hot tub, clean water is essential to make it a great gift. So if the hot tub hasn’t been drained in a few months, this would be the time to do it:

— Choose a good spot in the yard to drain out the hot tub water. 

— Turn off the power at the breaker. 

— Attach a standard garden hose to the drain cap. 

— After the spa is empty you can clean it down before refilling it. 

— It’s also a good idea to clean the filters at this time. Not to worry, with a Bullfrog Spa, that’s easy work. 

(More on how to drain the spa and clean the shell surface:


Best Hot Tubs wishes all Moms — and those who love them — a very happy Mother’s Day, 2017.