This Sunday is Mother’s Day and nothing goes together better than kids, moms, dads, and hot tubs.

To begin, here’s an adorable school assignment we found online at a neat website: Mrs. Bowes’ Class.  It is a snapshot of one child’s submission for the assignment. The youngster filled in that the thing she loves to do most with her mom is:



For a second treat, here’s a 2-second video of a celebrity known well to us on Long Island — Mariah Carey — as she spends time on Mother’s Day with her children and her then-husband Nick Cannon in 2014. They’re all together in the family hot tub. If you listen carefully, you can hear an adorable little voice wishing Ms. Carey a happy Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother's Day everyone!! This is a new holiday for me, I'm not used to it.. it's very nice 

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Here’s another beautiful celebrity mom enjoying a hot tub with her child. It’s Beyoncé with daughter Blue Ivy. Of course Blue Ivy was too young to be in steaming hot spa water. However, we assume Beyoncé adjusted the temperature down accordingly



And for a final treat, here’s some hot tubs belonging to a few celebrity moms:


Home of Britney Spears



Pink's spa located in a grotto in her pool

Pink’s spa located in a grotto in her pool



Jennifer Love Hewitt's pool with hot tub

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pool with hot tub


Our feature photo at the top of the page is of a local Long Island family who came to one of our showrooms (Westbury, Farmingdale, Windham, NY) for a “wet test.” Anyone who wishes to do that can call ahead to our showroom for the best time to come.

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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!