Note: Best Hot Tubs was previously known as “Long Island Hot Tub.”


For those considering the purchase of a new portable spa:  through Sunday, January 4, 2015, Long Island Hot Tub is offering a — “We Pay The Tax” — savings on all models of our Bullfrog Spas’ A and R series.

“This is a wonderful savings opportunity to start the new year, when you consider the advantages of the A and R series,” says Long Island Hot Tub’s showroom manager, Mike Berkowitz.

What are these advantages? Well, in addition to Bullfrog Spas boasting 90% less plumbing than other portable hot tubs — which makes them so much more energy efficient — both the A and R series offer multiple JetPaks, explains Berkowitz. These individual massage jets allow several people at once to have a customized massage; they are interchangeable in just seconds to address specific regions of the back, neck, shoulders, and obliques.

But there’s more to a spa than hydrotherapy. In addition to providing a great opportunity for family fun, as well as occasions for private moments of relaxation and meditation, a new spa is a great way to enhance your entertaining ability in the new year.

For example, “hot tub movie nights.” Such parties have been quite the trendy thing in London suburbs for some time, and the trend has been gaining attention in the U.S. These movie nights have been promoted by such entertainment organizations as Crowdtilt, and have been mentioned on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and on a variety of local news stations.

“All this, and we pay the sales tax. That’s a nice way to start the new year,” adds Berkowitz.


A new hot tub offers a great place to entertain friends. (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)



So many hot tub owners tell us how much their children enjoy the hot tub — many using it on a daily basis. (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)



Your hot tub is the perfect place for quiet relaxation or meditation. (Photo: Bullfrog Spas)


Hot tub cinema is a trend gaining attention at home; it’s already popular across The Pond.


However you ring in the new year, make it a good one, but keep safe, y’hear! Photo: Bullfrog Spas